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The DMC-12 being examined by Morgan, Jeff and Lester in the Audio Install section of the Buy More.

The DeLorean DMC-12 is an actual sports car originally manufactured in Northern Ireland from 1981 to 1982. One is a focus of the subplot in Chuck Versus the DeLorean. The car is one of many references to the 1985 film Back to the Future seen in the series.


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When Devon Woodcomb lends Morgan $2,500 to rent an apartment with Anna, he gladly accepts. Upon arrival at work, however, he is told by Lester that a DMC-12 has arrived in the Audio Install garage. The owner explains that he hopes the iPod adapter will help him sell the car. Morgan, unable to believe that he cannot sell the DMC-12, inquires as to why this is, and is told that "the passenger door doesn't work, the gas mileage is horrible, and if it actually goes over 22 mph, it stalls."

Morgan nevertheless uses the money lent to him to purchase the car, much to the horror Anna, to whom he shows the vanity license plate he has obtained for the car, 'DEMORGAN'. Devon is furious and demands the return of his money by the next day, which Chuck eventually agrees to lend Morgan. When Chuck accesses his account to withdraw the money, he is alerted to the fact that Jack Burton put Sheik Rajiv Amad's $10 million dollar deposit in his account.

When Chuck later arrives at the trade-off between the Sheik and Sarah in the DeLorean, he convinces the Sheik he is there to return his money for the return ofJack Burton. Chuck presents the Sheik with a lap top and says he'll transfer the funds this simultaneously reveals the Sheik's account number to Casey who is monitoring. When a gunfight then ensues, the Sheik attempts to flee in the DeLorean, but Chuck remarks that he will be unable to go very far at 22 mph. Chuck then reports the car stolen, telling the dispatcher that no, he was not joking.

Morgan later tells Chuck he will get 'Blue Book value' for the car when it is impounded, allowing him to pay back Devon.

He is then shown the next car in the Audio Install bay; the General Lee.