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Del and Neil appear in Chuck Versus the Beard, in season 3. Big Mike announces to the Buy More staff that someone is thinking of buying the store, and representatives from Cost-Less will be interviewing the employees, re-evaluating the entire staff, and will fire anyone who is not essential. Del (Diedrich Bader) and Neil (Cedric Yarbrough) appear on the scene to begin the interviews.



The Buy More staff agrees to support each other in the interviews. When Lester is called in first, he immediately attempts to make a deal to give up the "dirt" on his co-workers for immunity, while Big Mike touts Chuck as the store's best asset.

Chuck, when asked why he, a Stanford graduate, isn't in management, attempts to stand up for Morgan. As Chuck leaves the interview, Del suggests to Neil that he thinks Chuck is Agent Carmichael, and that Shaw must have left him on site to 'man the fort.' Thus revealed as Ring operatives attempting to locate Castle, the Buy More staff is still ignorant as to the danger and Lester attempts to spy on the Ring agents during the interviews. He overhears Del giving the order to "terminate everyone" but Morgan and Chuck, which leads him to believe that they are all to be fired.



Meanwhile, while in the break room, Morgan spots two Ring agents arriving and hides on top of the vending machine. When their scanners pick up the hidden entrance to Castle behind the lockers they call in Del and Neil. Morgan is astonished to learn that a CIA base is hidden under the Buy More and follows the group after they break in. Taking cover, he eavesdrops on them as they announce their intentions to steal back all the data the team has on the Ring, and destroy Castle and the store with it. Morgan tracks down Chuck and reveals everything he has learned. Chuck is shocked, but keeps his cover by playing along. Their attempts to call the police fail, as Castle and all communications in the store are now locked down. Chuck tries to convince Morgan to stand down, but to keep Morgan from revealing Castle's existence to everyone else, he agrees to go along with Morgan provided he keep the secret between them.

Chuck and Morgan are captured and interrogated by Del in Castle's dojo. Del threatens Morgan with a straight razor, pressing it to his eye, and says he'll torture Morgan unless Chuck talks. Chuck finally acknowledges that he is Agent Carmichael to protect Morgan. Del then leaves them alone to deal with Shaw, Sarah and Casey when they return, "Excuse me while I take care of your friends, I'll save the torture for later."

Del orders Neil to have Casey killed when he tries to access Castle from the Buy More, while Sarah and Shaw attempt to get in from the Orange Orange. Casey is ambushed by two Ring agents sent by Neil, but is unwittingly saved by Jeff who, while high on chloroform, knocks out one while Casey disables the other.

Back in Castle, Del, Neil, and their team return to finish off Chuck and Morgan, Del orders them killed, their bodies dumped. Chuck, however, emotionally refreshed after a cathartic talk with Morgan, is able to flash on advanced martial arts skills and quickly defeats Neil and the two others, and while squaring off with Del, Morgan knocks the Ring agent off with a stave.

They are taken into custody and disappear into a secure CIA facility.


  • Their names may reference the main characters of the film Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
  • Both actors returned to reprise the roles when this episode was the basis of a Table Read.