Chuck Wiki

Seasons: 1
Portrayed by: Mark Derwin
Status: Deceased
Occupation: CIA Agent
Aliases: Longshore
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Marlin

Detective Conway is the detective in charge of investigating the break in at the Burbank Buy more when all the products, shelves, and everything else was stolen overnight. Conway told Big Mike that he thought it was an inside job, and interrogated the Buy More employees.

It is then revealed that it was the CIA and NSA who stole the content of the Buy More after Chuck found an unidentified bug in the Buy More. Casey determined it could have recorded evidence that Chuck Bartowski is the Human Intersect that Fulcrum has been looking for.

Since the bug was short range it would need another receiver close by, which is why the CIA/NSA took the entire content of the Buy More in order to search it.

It is then revealed that Conway is a CIA agent, code named Longshore, when he is ordered by Beckman to extract Chuck, and take him to a CIA bunker for permanent protective custody.

Conway is shot by Lizzie Shafai when she ambushes Sarah, Chuck, and Longshore at the extraction point.