Diane Beckman


Seasons:1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Portrayed by:Bonita Friedericy (series)
Wendy Makkena (pilot)
Status: Alive
Occupation:NSA Director,
Buy More Store Manager (cover, season 4)
Aliases:Roan's girlfriend (Chuck, in his spy-life chart),
GB (Morgan, seasons 4-5)
Relatives: Roan Montgomery (longtime lover)
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Residence:Office of the DNI, Washington D.C.
Appearances: All (seasons 1-4),
Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips,
Chuck vs. the Business Trip,
Chuck vs. the Curse,
Chuck vs. the Santa Suit,
Chuck vs. Sarah
and Chuck vs. the Goodbye(season 5)

"I'm so shocked you people are running out of money."
― Beckman when seeing the excessive spending of Carmichael Industries.

Brigadier General Diane Beckman, a main character, is the National Security Agency Director and was formerly Colonel John Casey's superior until he was fired in the fourth season finale. She is portrayed by Bonita Friedericy.

In the second season, Beckman revealed that she has spent a significant amount of time and resources over several years prior to the series in hunting Orion, who is the Intersect's chief designer and revealed to be Chuck's father.

Character information Edit

Beckman's primary role on the series is to provide Team Bartowski with intelligence updates on Chuck's flashes and assign their mission objectives, which is often done from a video conference from her office. It is believed that she resides in Dallas, Texas which was referenced in "Chuck Versus the Seduction".

Most of the time these missions are the result of something Chuck flashes on in the course of his normal day. However, on several occasions, Beckman has issued an assignment of her own devising based on events elsewhere, to which Chuck's abilities as the Intersect are particularly well-suited. Beckman herself is seldom personally involved on these assignments and allows the team to proceed on their own.

However in "Chuck Versus the Crown Vic", she had benched the team when a flash by Chuck was proven wrong, and in "Chuck Versus the Ex", she had ordered Casey's lockdown when his personal vendetta against his former mentor botched a mission. Beckman personally involved herself when Chuck was contacted by Orion after Chuck's rogue search to find him and flew to Burbank herself to debrief the team. This was the first time since the pilot episode as one of the team's supervisors met with them in-person, and also the first time they were directly involved in that episode's mission.

Series Edit

Season one Edit

General Beckman first appeared in "Chuck Versus the Intersect" as General Mary Beckman, originally the National Intelligence Director portrayed by Wendy Makkena. She sends NSA agent Major John Casey to Burbank to track the whereabouts of the stolen First Intersect. As of "Chuck Versus the Helicopter", the character has since been portrayed by Bonita Friedericy as overseer of Team Bartowski alongside CIA Director Langston Graham. Her character has also been rewritten as the NSA Director instead.

Casey and Sarah Walker are to protect Chuck Bartowski until the replacement Intersect can be put back online. Sarah and Chuck believe that once this occurs, Chuck would be free to go back to his normal life; however, Beckman secretly issues an order to Casey that Chuck was to be killed to prevent the government secrets he retained from falling into the wrong hands.

Season two Edit

Having issued Casey a hit on Chuck, the order is rescinded after the destruction of the Second Intersect. Additionally, because Operation Bartowski is the only effective weapon against CIA splinter group Fulcrum, Beckman decides that Chuck is a valuable resource to be released. She, therefore, blocks his attempts to contact Orion to prevent having his Intersect removed. Beckman has also made it clear that if Chuck is ever identified, he will be taken into protective custody.

General Beckman typically doesn't interfere directly with the team's dynamics. However Sarah's confrontational attitude towards her treatment of Chuck in "Chuck Versus the Predator", led to her concern that Sarah is too emotionally attached to the asset. Knowing Casey's attempt to cover for them, she immediately requests he provides an unedited report on Chuck and Sarah's relationship. This led to her reassigning CIA Agent Alexandra Forrest as Chuck's CIA handler under directive 49-B. After Forrest subsequently fails to protect Chuck as she lacks Sarah's close personal connection and understanding of him, Beckman is forced to acknowledge that Sarah's feelings for the asset made her the best choice to protect him.

When Chuck fails his plan to find his father Stephen Bartowski, now revealed as Orion himself, and allowing Fulcrum agent Jill Roberts to escape, Beckman decides to pull the plug on Operation Bartowski and orders Casey and Sarah to take Chuck into permanent custody. She reverses this decision when the Intersect is finally removed from Chuck's head in "Chuck Versus the First Kill". In the season two finale, "Chuck Versus the Ring", she offers Chuck a position as an analyst on the Intersect Project. She also allows Casey to return to his old special ops unit, and assigns Sarah to the Intersect Project with Intersect expert, Bryce Larkin.

Season three Edit

Rounding out Beckman's interference with the team, in "Chuck Versus the Tic Tac", she ordered Sarah to apprehend Casey upon learning that he had stolen a valuable item from a CIA facility, and when Casey was broken out, she came to Castle herself once again and ordered Sarah and Chuck to capture him, dead or alive. Despite the three agents eventually working together and taking down the Ring cell that had coerced Casey into stealing from the CIA in the first place, Beckman could not brook Casey's treason, and have him revert into a civilian. Beckman also wished to discuss Sarah's previous request on transferring the latter out of Burbank, as Chuck has needed her less and less.

Beckman does not look lightly on the three years and the "untold millions of dollars" spent helping Chuck reach his potential as a spy, but has become understanding of Chuck's "hand-wringing" and "second-guessing" as part of his process. Beckman insists that until watching a video recovered from the Ring, she had no knowledge that Sarah had killed CIA agent Daniel Shaw's wife,Evelyn Shaw.

In the season three finale, Beckman is before the higher-ups of the CIA, who were concerned about the state of Operation Bartowski and Chuck in particular. She gets swept away in a setup staged by a very much alive Shaw. The purpose was to discredit her so that Shaw could take her place at the spies' convention, where the Five Elders of the Ring were going to take over the NSA and the CIA. Team Bartowski arrests the Elders along with Daniel Shaw and his Ring associate Justin Sullivan, leading to the disintegration of the Ring. Chuck later reveals to his sister, Ellie that Beckman was reinstated, and she allowed him to retire from the spy world.

Season four Edit

Beckman returns in person again in "Chuck Versus the Anniversary", having changed the Buy More store into a full-fledged CIA substation, and all of its new staff are undercover operatives. Sometime after season three and before the fourth season, she had been instructed by the President himself to have Chuck as a priority. In the same episode, she tampers with all of Chuck's job interviews, where all his employers would either fall asleep on him, never return from being momentarily away, or have him escorted away from the building. Chuck gives up on his search for a new job until he stumbled across the rebuilt Buy More as it was previously destroyed in the season three finale.

Chuck enters the store along with Morgan and finds the store running with perfection, and decides to apply for a job at the Buy More once again - only to find the store manager to be Beckman herself. In "Chuck Versus the Suitcase", Morgan advises Beckman to lay low on the "perfectionism" performed by all the undercover Buy More staff as it is opposite to Buy More's usual display. To prevent future suspicions upon the Team Bartowski operations, Beckman withdraws herself from her cover as Store Manager and has Morgan take the job since then.

In "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger", when Team Bartowski is discharged by CIA Agent Clyde Decker, Beckman secretly provides support to the team's cause to rescue Hartley Winterbottom and to save Sarah.

Season five Edit

Beckman provides continuing support to Team Bartowski throughout the fifth season, whenever Carmichael Industries is in need of her. In "Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips", she arranges a secret meeting with Chuck to give him a contract. Sarah later contacts her about the flaws of the Intersect. Beckman also reveals that she never sent the Intersect Glasses to Chuck; given to him at the end of season four, and later contacts him to warn about the CIA's ordered hit on Morgan. In "Chuck Versus the Business Trip", Beckman visits Castle to remove the corrupted Intersect 2.0 from Morgan at the request of Team Bartowski. Eventually, Beckman helps convince most of the CIA to pull out from the hit on Morgan.

In "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit", the team depends on Beckman to get Chuck into a Los Angeles CIA base. To achieve this, Chuck dresses up in a Santa suit to prevent being identified. Beckman also eventually had to kiss Chuck (while he is in the Santa suit) to cover up breaking into an office. And despite agreeing never to bring this up again, Chuck and Beckman had to tell Sarah, stating that "we all have to make sacrifices". Beckman was also invited and attends the Bartowski Christmas party at the end of the episode. She is, by series end, once more a de facto ally of Team Bartowski.

Personal Life Edit

Beckman maintains a somewhat distant relationship with CIA seduction specialist, Roan Montgomery. The two share a relationship for many decades and are still ongoing. It is unknown when they first began their relationship, but the two have already been together since the year 1989, during the riot of the Berlin Wall. The only thing preventing their relationship is that Roan has never preferred to settle down with her and enjoys his career as a spy in the field more.

Not much is known of Beckman's past and relationships other than that she, either born or dyed her hair so, was a blonde in the '80s. It is also worth noting that she maintains a close friendship with former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

Chuck has also jokingly named her as "Roan's girlfriend" in his spy life chart behind his Tron poster.

Trivia Edit

  • The General has a long term relationship with seduction specialist Roan Montgomery.
  • In the second season, she is the only recurring character not to have a place in the opening credits despite having more screen time than both Ellie and Anna.
  • In a season two episode, it is mentioned that one of her personal friends is former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice.
  • Beckman was at one point a blonde, it is unsure if she was born with blonde hair, as Roan states that in the 80s, everyone was a "dirty blonde".
  • Roan was the first character to have ever even indicated and spoken of Beckman's first name, constantly referring to her as Diane in "Chuck Versus the Seduction".
  • Prior to the beginning of the show, the character was originally to be named as General Mary Beckman in several casting lists and was originally portrayed by Wendy Makkena in the pilot.