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The Directorate of National Intelligence is the Headquarters of the Director of National Intelligence and reoccurring plot location throughout the series.


After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Directorate of National Intelligence was established to ensure that intelligence agencies like the CIA and National Security Agency work together and pooled their intelligence. To help accomplish this mission the office of the Director of National Intelligence commissioned the creation of The Intersect to encode and connect data from every intelligence agency. the Directorate of National Intelligence is where the First Intersect and Second Intersect where located before their Destruction.

the Directorate of National Intelligence also served as the headquarters for senior United States intelligence officials like NSA director General Diane Beckman and CIA director Langston Graham. Beckman and Graham conducted highly classified briefings with Team Bartowski out of General Beckman's Office in the facility.

Langston Graham was killed in a Fulcrum bombing of the facility when he installed a sabotaged Cipher into the Second Intersect which triggered a massive explosion.