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Dr. Leo Dreyfus
Dr leo

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Christopher Lloyd
Status: Active
Occupation: CIA psychiatrist
Relationships: Chuck Bartowski (patient)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Tooth

Dr. Leo Dreyfus, is a CIA psychiatrist assigned by General Beckman to evaluate Chuck when the malfunctioning Intersect appears to be giving Chuck nightmares and threatening ability to function. He is one of the very few government contacts Chuck made who is fully aware of Chuck's identity as the Intersect.

After their preliminary meeting, Dreyfus orders that Chuck be removed from field duty, when Chuck tried to prove his dreams correct and created a minor international incident by assaulting and knocking out a tooth from Dr Martin Kowambe, whom Chuck claimed to have flashed on, Dreyfuss had him placed in a CIA psychiatric facility for observation.

During a visit, Chuck passed the tooth to Sarah, who tested it and found it to be nothing but a tooth, and did not hold the intelligence Chuck was sure was there. Regardless, she appeared at Dr Dreyfus' door late one evening, and insisted that Chuck was special:
Sarah: No, you don't understand. He's not like other people. He is...incredibly special.
Dr. Dreyfus: Especially to you, I gather.
Sarah: He needs to be okay. I - I need him to be okay. I'd like to go to the hospital tonight to talk to him. Try to figure this out. Help him somehow...Please, I love him.
Dr. Dreyfus: Ever tell him that?

With Casey also insisting, Dreyfus took the pair for an after hours visit, arriving in time to rescue Chuck from Kowambe, who does in fact work for the Ring proving Chuck's Intersect influenced dream correct. He had arrived to extract from Chuck his knowledge on the Ring's intelligence hidden in one of his teeth and then planned to kill him.


Chuck with Dreyfus

In light of the evidence that the Intersect's interactions with Chuck's dreams proved correct, Dreyfus cleared Chuck for return to duty, but is concerned that the computer may eventually overwhelm Chuck's mental faculties entirely: "...your dreams are also proof of stress the Intersect puts on your brain. And it is my belief that that stress would continue and intensify, likely leading to serious mental deterioration... I think it's something you should discuss with your partner...."

Nerd Notes[]

Zachary Levi expressed delight in being able to have Christopher Lloyd as a guest star, and that he was able to call him "Doc," another series reference to the Back to the Future franchise in which Lloyd played 'Doc' Brown.