Mohammed Zamir
Dr Zamir

Portrayed by:Shaun Toub
Status: Incarcerated
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Broken Heart"

Dr. Mohammed Zamir was the personal physician and friend of the terrorist known as Rashad Ahmad, who was visiting the hospital where Ellie and Devon work to have a pacemaker implanted.

Team Bartowski, under the direction of Agent Alex Forest, appropriated Devon's credentials to access the hospital in order to plant a tracking bug on the pacemaker being installed in Ahmad.

Zamir discovered the bug in a post-op sweep and went men to abduct Devon to force him to remove it.

Chuck spotted the agents, and secretly took Devon's place and was kidnapped instead.Sealed in a bank vault with a murdeous Zamir, Chuck vented nitrous oxide until Zamir forgot why he was trying to kill Chuck.  The two sat together, giggling at inconsequentials, stoned on nitrous, until Chuck casually asked where to find Zamir's terrorist contacts, which he cheerfully provided.

He was captured when Sarah cracked the safe and he was taken into custody.

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