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Dr. Mueller

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Torsten Voges
Status: incarcerated
Occupation: neural scientist
Relationships: Adelbert de Smet (employer)
Appearances: Chuck Versus Phase Three

Dr. Mueller is a neural scientist hired by the Belgian, Adelbert de Smet. Mueller is tasked with extracting the Intersect from Chuck's brain.

The Belgian kidnaps Chuck, believing that he still has access to the Intersect, but it has been suppressed by Mary Bartowski actions. De Smet hires Mueller to attempt a retrieval of the Intersect secrets from Chuck's brain.

He tampers with Chuck's mind, manipulating his dreams, and working through his unconscious. Chuck is subjected to a series of induced dreams of his friends and loved ones insisting that he 'flash.' That if he does not, he is a failure, and no one is interested in him without the Intersect; he is nothing but a vehicle for something more important than he is. Mueller's subtle torture fails, however, he discovers that Chuck is strong enough to be aware that he is dreaming and that nothing said to him is real. Mueller fails to force access the Intersect many times, and even in his dreams, Chuck insists it's gone.

Mueller proposes a treatment he calls Phase Three, where he would attempt to erase everything in Chuck's brain except for the Intersect, wholly eradicating Chuck's personality.

The Belgian gives his approval, and after phase three is set in motion, Sarah, Casey, and Morgan, on a rogue mission to rescue Chuck, discover the Belgian's hideout in Thailand and rescue Chuck. Sarah reaches Chuck minutes before phase three runs it's course, and pulls him back from oblivion, despite Mueller's indifferent warning that she shouldn't bother since Chuck was probably all but gone.

Casey puts Mueller down with the but of his weapon. Mueller and the Belgian were apprehended and held in CIA custody.