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Dragan Pichushkin

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Jon Sklaroff
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Arms Dealer
Appearances: Chuck Versus the A-Team

Dragan Pichushkin was a Russian arms dealer who has made a fortune dissembling the former Soviet arsenal and selling it piece meal on the black market. Another criminal, The Turk, agreed to lure Dragan to US soil for arrest so long as his loved ones were safe - in this case, his dog, Iana.

Initially, Casey appears at a meeting allegedly as Dragan's representative as part of a mission with his team of 'Gretas', a meeting unwittingly compromised by the remainder of Team Bartowski because they were left out of the loop.

When he arrived in the US it was revealed that he was carrying a suitcase nuke primed and ready to activate should his heart stop. When Sarah corners him, he explains that he is himself the detonator for the nuke, and if he dies, the bomb activates. Agent Greta, one of the the new Intersects, then shot him dead despite Sarah's warning.


  • He shares a surname with prolific Russian serial killer Alexander Pichushkin.