Chuck Wiki

Seasons: Season 2
Portrayed by: Brian Kubach
Status: Active
Occupation: Roark Industries HR
Aliases: none
Relatives: Unnamed
Residence: Burbank
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Drew is a 20-something exec at Roark Instruments who appeared in Chuck Versus the Dream Job. It was Drew who took Chuck's interview when he applied for a position with RI when the CIA comes to believe Ted Roark's latest software contains a virus that, if released, could cause irreparable damage to the world's computer networks. Chuck went in on his own credentials as a new RI employee to see if he would flash on anyone or anything.

Drew's office is trendy and impractical, he invites Chuck to have a seat on a Yoga ball, as the only chair is behind his desk. When Drew reads Chuck's resume and sees he went to Stanford, he said he was also an alum - class of '09. When Chuck is surprised that he'd been out only a couple of years, Drew responds, "That's eons in the software game."

He offers Chuck a position with Roark Instruments, saying that it didn't hurt that he was a fellow Stanford alum. When Chuck later tries to prevent Roark's software release, Drew clotheslines Chuck, knocking him down, retrieves the launch key, and returns it to Roark.


I'm Drew. Welcome to Roark Instruments, where the future happens first.