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The courtyard of Chuck's apartment building, with Casey and Morgan's apartment marked by the brown door to the left of the complex entrance and Chuck's apartment on the far left

Echo Park suburb of Los Angeles, California, located northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The location is central to the major plot lines of Chuck, as the home and main residence of Chuck Bartowski, Ellie and Devon Woodcomb, John Casey, and eventually, Morgan Grimes. Many of the main events featured throughout the series take place in Echo Park or around the city of Burbank.

Featured from Chuck Versus the Intersect and throughout the remainder of the series, it is the home of Chuck, Ellie, Devon, and Casey and from Season Three; Morgan and Sarah.

Chuck 01

Chuck's apartment building

In Chuck Versus the Truth a neighbor unrelated to the Bartowski's or the CIA, a Mrs. Hiditsian, is heard speaking to Devon, but never seen. Although referenced once more in the episode, she is never mentioned again.

In Chuck Versus the Couch Lock, the row of mailboxes seems to indicate a total of nine apartments, although not all names are visible, it appears in addition to the Bartowski, Woodcomb, and Casey apartments, other residents are named Aguilar, Veeder, and Baur, an apparent reference to the series 24 and it's protagonist Jack Baur.

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The Courtyard[]

The Courtyard is often the scene of conversation as seen in numerous episodes such as Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover when Chuck and Sarah are seen talking about their relationship or when Casey says goodbye to Ilsa Trinchina. It has also notably utilized in Chuck Versus the Intersect, when Ellie throws Chuck a birthday party there and in Chuck Versus the Three Words, Chuck and Morgan's housewarming party, as well as Ellie's wedding reception in Chuck Versus the Ring, and Chuck and Sarah's rehearsal dinner in Chuck Versus the Last Details all take place there.

Devon and Ellie's Apartment (1837)[]

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The apartment building is actually located in Hollywood, at the corner of Franklin and Grace Ave.

After Chuck Versus the Pink Slip, Devon and Ellie move to an apartment across the courtyard. Because of this, during Season Three, plot lines involving Echo Park often cut between Chuck's apartment and Ellie's apartment. A notable moment is during Chuck Versus the Angel of Death, when the Costa Gravan leader, Goya, pays visit to Devon, and invites him and Ellie to the Costa Gravan Consulate. He is accompanied by numerous soldiers, and Chuck and his team can watch them through the window as they knock on the Woodcomb's door across the courtyard.

Casey's Apartment[]

Once John Casey is assigned as one of Chuck's handlers, he takes an apartment in the building. He adds various security devices, and saturates the courtyard and Chuck's apartment with surveillance devices.

He also keeps a garden hose by his front door which he has used against Buy Morons on more than one occasion, including Chuck Versus the Broken Heart when Morgan, Jeff, and Lester attempted to 'kidnap' Chuck; and in Chuck Versus the Three Words when he used it to break up Morgan's housewarming party without breaking cover.

He eventually turns the keys over to his room-mate, Morgan, and his daughter, Alex, before he leaves Burbank at the series end.

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