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El Bucho

El Bucho is a restaurant/club which features in Chuck Versus the Pink Slip.


In Chuck Versus The Pink Slip, El Bucho is the location of Sarah and Casey's latest assignment to intercept a Ring exchange between a mark whom Sarah is dating as a cover, and a Ring courier, who unbeknownst to them is assassin, Javier Cruz.

Chuck finds out about the mission in Castle, when he spots Casey looking at intel on the restaurant, and notices a file on the restaurant on the table. He then turns up for the assignment, posing as a Nerd Herd employee. Casey and Sarah are unaware until Casey spots him, and Sarah develops her cover by claiming to the mark that he is her ex-boyfriend who is having trouble letting go.

Chuck is removed to the store room, and dressed down by Sarah, but when Casey mentions the name of the courier, he flashes the name,Javier Cruz and realizes he is an assassin. He is thrown out of the club, and attempts to break back in but fails, until a man with a guitar, due to play that night approaches him and he inadvertently knocks him out, before taking his jacket and guitar, and posing as the mariachi player. He flashes on the guitar once inside, and  plays proficiently, much to the surprise of Casey and Sarah. When the mark offers to take care of Chuck for Sarah, she refuses, instead asking him to dance.

Casey tries to tranquilize Chuck from across the bar, but Chuck ducks and the keyboardist is knocked out instead. The guitar player Chuck incapacitated, turns out to be Javier Cruz, and he wakes up, removing his disguise and enters the club, attempting to shoot the mark from across the room. Chuck notices the laser sight trained on the mark and Sarah and pushes Sarah out the way, saving them.