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Ellyas Abshir

Seasons: 04
Portrayed by: Kevin Daniels
Status: Alive
Occupation: Pirate
Aliases: none
Relatives: Unknown
Residence: Mogadishu, Somalia
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff

Abshir was a well-known high seas pirate, kidnapper, and thief who was based in Mogadishu. He was addicted to gambling and won the Norseman tracking component from Alexei Volkoff in a poker game. When Chuck was tasked to retrieve the Norseman in Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff, Abshir threatened his life, but ultimately agreed to gamble for the device; "Pick a game. Dice, roulette, cards. You win, the tracker is yours. I win, you die." Chuck responded with a request for Uno. Abshir and Chuck then proceeded to play Uno head to head, then Chuck caught him cheating. He pulled a gun on Chuck just as Volkoff, Sarah, and Casey arrived as Chuck's backup.

Volkoff also accused Abshir of cheating, and ordered him to hand over the tracking device, then threw a knife, pinning Abshir's arm to the table. He then drew the knife and held it to Abshir's throat, "Your morality is in a state of development. For once in your life, you're gonna play fair. The tracking device or your life." Abshir told Chuck to take the device. Volkoff then said he had to do something painful - he apologized. Abshir, confused, accepted. Volkoff, hugged the man and the team left the confused Somalis behind.