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Seasons: Season Five
Portrayed by: Cheryl Ladd
Status: Alive
Occupation: Mother
Aliases: Unknown
Relatives: Sarah Walker (daughter)
Chuck Bartowski (son in law)
Jack Burton (ex-husband)
Molly (adopted daughter)
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Baby

Emma is the estranged mother of Sarah Walker. She is portrayed by Cheryl Ladd.

Little is known of Sarah's mother other than that she was briefly married to Jack Burton and they had one daughter. She is mentioned by Sarah on several occasions including the night of Chuck's aborted proposal in Chuck Versus the Balcony, when she relayed the story of the overblown proposal her father had tried, "My mother's family had a restaurant.... so my dad wanted to propose there. God, he had the champagne and the flowers... and the band and the balloons and... I mean, it was chaotic. It was so over-the-top... and in all the confusion, somebody knocked over a candle... and it lit the rug on fire. Luckily, my mother and her family got out with only minor burns....They took it as a sign and they postponed the wedding. My dad always said it was the beginning of the end of their relationship."

At more than one point Sarah says her relationship with her mother is 'complicated.'


Emma with daughter

Emma only appears in the Season Five episode, Chuck Versus the Baby when it is suggested that she did maintain a tentative contact with her daughter over the years, even if only by telephone. It was to Emma Sarah turned when she found herself in charge of a baby she had no idea how to manage. It was at this time, apparently, when they made the arrangement for Emma to take custody of Molly, that Emma became aware of her daughter's position with the CIA. To assure their safety, Sarah cut herself off from her mother completely from that point, but arranged for a fail safe escape should their cover ever be blown.

When their location is then inadvertently compromised during the events of the episode, Sarah put the fail safe into motion. Emma remembered what she was supposed to do, and escaped with Molly to the safe house coordinates Sarah provided. The safe house was her daughter's apartment in Echo Park. It was there that she introduced Molly to Sarah, and met Chuck for the first time. He told her he was more than excited to meet her, and she thanked him for giving Sarah a home and family.


Cheryl Ladd is well known for playing Kris Munroe on Charlie's Angels, replacing Farrah Fawcett. At 5'3" she was the shortest Angel, and about 6 inches shorter than Yvonne Strahowski.