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Emmett Milbarge


Seasons: 2, 3
Portrayed by: Tony Hale
Status: Deceased (2009)
Occupation: Buy More Efficiency Expert (season 2),
Buy More Assistant Manager (season 2),
Buy More Manager (seasons 2-3, briefly)
Aliases: Ass Man (Buy More staff, short for Assistant Manager, season 2)
Relatives: Mother (unnamed) Chuck Versus the Suburbs
Residence: Los Angeles
Appearances: List of appearances
You wanna mess with me and my store? Well, bring it on, bitches!

Emmett Milbarge was initially described as an efficiency expert, sent by Buy More corporate headquarters to evaluate the staff and procedures of the Burbank branch. He is portrayed by Tony Hale.

Big Mike, who prefers to minimize his own workload and who dreads dealing with his own employees, kept Emmett on and made him assistant manager, a position which the Buy More employees tend to shorten to "ass man." Emmett is thoroughly disliked by the Buy Morons though tries makes a connection with Morgan Grimes over visualizing the Buy More as a country called Buy-Moria.

Emmett is promoted to the position of store manager of the Burbank Buy More after tricking Morgan and the other Buy Morons into making him look good, and simultaneously making Big Mike look bad during a corporate review. His regime is shown as totalitarian, when Chuck returns to the store to make a purchase six months after resigning, the staff pop up like meerkats in hopes that their salvation is at hand. Later in the episode,  Chuck Versus the Pink Slip, a Ring assassin, Javier Cruz, comes looking for Chuck at the Buy More after hours, Emmett officiously confronts the man. Emmett tells him that Chuck no longer works there, and orders him to leave the property.

When Cruz hesitates, Emmett threatens to mace him if he does not comply. As Cruz turns to leave, Emmett foolishly refers to the assassin as a "pussy", prompting Cruz to pull out his pistol and shoot Emmett through the eye, killing him instantly. 

His body is later spotted by Casey doing a security sweep of the Buy More. After Chuck and Casey have resumed their cover jobs at the Buy More, Casey tells Chuck that it is rumored that Emmett took a job at Large Mart in Anchorage, Alaska, which is what Chuck believes happened.


  • He claims a girlfriend named Henrietta who works at the Buy More Ontario branch in Accounts Payable.
  • The kill shot through the glasses is often referred to in cinematic contexts as the 'Moe Green special', since this is how that character in 'The Godfather' (1972) is murdered.
  • The character's name is a reference to the leads of the spy comedy, Spies Like Us, Emmett Fitz-Hume and Austin Millbarge, portrayed by Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd respectively. This movie is also referenced in the naming of the GLG-20 Listening Device.
  • The NBC website, parodying a memorial website of the character, Emmett, acknowledged that he was killed.
  • In the Leverage: Redemption episode 1x07 "The Double-Edged Sword Job", the alias Emmett Milbarge is used for Eliot Spencer.