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Evelyn Shaw
Evelyn Shaw

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Kelly Thiebaud
Status: Deceased
Occupation: CIA operative
Relatives: Daniel Shaw (husband)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Final Exam
Chuck Versus the American Hero
Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Evelyn "Eve" Shaw was the wife of Daniel Shaw. Sarah Walker was ordered to kill her in 2005 as her red test.

Eve was assigned to infiltrate the Ring. She placed most of her intelligence on her assgnment in a CIA lock box which also held her spy will. The CIA, however, was said to have uncovered evidence that she had been turned by the Ring. CIA Director, Langston Graham, then gave the red test order for Sarah Walker to eliminate her.

Walker tracked her target to Paris, she turned and shot Evelyn when it appeared the woman was going for a weapon. Sarah didn't have time to ID her target, as she wasn't given any information, and had to flee before the police could arrive. She called the night the worst of her life.

Shaw had always assumed that the Ring killed Evelyn, and dedicated five years of his life to taking down the Ring. He eventually learned from the Ring Director the true circumstances of Eve's death and turned rogue, focusing his anger on Sarah, the CIA, and later on Chuck Bartowski, after Chuck thwarted his plan for revenge and left him for dead.

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