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Fatima Tazi

Portrayed by: Lesley-Ann Brandt
Occupation: Terrorist
Residence: Morocco
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible

Fatima Tazi is a terrorist agent who appeared in Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible where she kidnaps Roan Montgomery at a Morocco bar after knocking him out with a drug. She then ties him to a bed and blindfolds him.

Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, and John Casey arrive to rescue Roan, but are forced to hide when Fatima arrives. Fatima finds about his mission when Chuck and Sarah are caught when Chuck sneezed. She then proceeds to confine all three to the dungeon, but they are rescued by Casey.

Later, Fatima met with financial backers while Casey secretly observes from inside a wall. After the men hand over a briefcase containing the super-notes, Fatima leaves and has her henchmen kill them while the gun fire also trap Casey inside the wall.

Chuck and Sarah go to rescue him while Roan returns to seduce Fatima for the location of the mint. Fatima reacts by holding him at gunpoint, but Roan calms her down and convinces her not to call her security. They then embrace and Fatima finally reveals the whereabouts of the super-notes mint.

Unfortunately, Roan's cover is blown when Fatima's henchmen alert her of Chuck and Sarah's presence. Fatima is outraged that Roan tricked her, and decides to kill him as well as ordering the deaths of Chuck and Sarah.

Just then, Roan receives a phone call from General Beckman. Fatima snatches the phone and answers instead, telling Beckman that she will kill Roan, Beckman says "good." Beckman convinces Fatima to let her have a word with Roan before he is killed, and Fatima returns the phone to Roan. Beckman warns Roan to duck as she fires a missile launcher from an opposite building several kilometers away. Chuck Sarah and Casey rescue Roan. Fatima is not heard from again.