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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is an internal United States government body involved in both criminal investigations and intelligence gathering domestically. The Bureau was founded in 1908, and currently has over 30,000 employees.


The FBI was seen in "Chuck Versus the Fat Lady", when Team Bartowski broke into the hotel room of the deceased scientist Guy Lefleur, which was under FBI guard.

Team Bartowski broke in to obtain a list of Fulcrum agents, which Guy had on an encrypted flash drive  they find inside a Venetian Puzzle Box that Chuck solves.

Casey doesn't seem to have a lot of respect for the FBI, as he comments, "It's the FBI. They're dumb, not deaf", when Chuck falls out of the air vent.

The agents guarding the door are eventually killed by a Fulcrum agent who also breaks into the suite.

When Chuck and Jill Roberts resopnd to the biohazard at the hotel, it is an FBI agent Chuck takes the lead from.

The FBI is reference again in Chuck Versus the First Date when Chuck tells Mr. Colt that he is CIA, Colt has fallen into his trap, and the compound is surrounded. When Mr. Colt's men say they see no one out side, Chuck responds: "Of course you don't see anyone. Who do you think we are, the FBI? The only thing you're going to see is a muzzle flash, followed by an e-ticket straight to hell."