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Seasons: 1-5
Portrayed by: Jesse Heiman
Status: Active
Occupation: Green Shirt
Aliases: Gawk (Chuck Versus the Goodbye)
Residence: Burbank
Appearances: Multiple

Fernando is a Green Shirt at Buy More, he is often seen with Skip. He appears as a Buy Moron from the beginning of the series and remains until the finale.

Fernando has only one speaking line. During the series finale, the producers gave a line to each of the loyal Buy Morons nerd network as part of Chuck's search for Sarah in Chuck Versus the Goodbye.

He is credited with producing the Jeffster! band tee shirts in his mom's living room.


The actor has a reputation as being one of the industry's most prolific extras with about 100 credits to his filmography, including all five seasons of Chuck, where he appeared in 31 episodes.

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