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Chuck, Casey, and Casablanca

These movies have been cited or referenced either directly or indirectly more than once in the series.

Casablanca (1942)[]

  • Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover - Casey's long-lost love is named Ilsa, as is the female lead character in the movie.
  • When Chuck finds Casey in the Buy More after he has re-encountered Ilsa, he is watching Casablanca.
  • Both Chuck's line at the end - "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" - and the camera shot, in terms of angle and composition, are also drawn from Casablanca.
  • Chuck Versus the Ring - Bryce references the film's line, "we'll always have Paris" when he tells Sarah "we'll always have Omaha."
  • Chuck Versus the Cougars - “Of all the semi-tart Asian influenced yogurt shops in all of the world, you walked into hers?”

Star Wars Trilogy (1977, 1981,1983)[]

  • Chuck Versus the Wookiee - the title refers to the furry co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon.
  • Chuck Versus the Sandworm - Sarah presents Chuck with a faked photo of them dressed as Leia and Han at Comic Con. She later appears at a party in the Leia slave costume.
  • Chuck Versus the Third Dimension - the grenade planted to kill Tyler is an IG-88, this is also the name of the assassin droid bounty hunter from the film.
  • Chuck Versus the First Date - Ellie tells Chuck, "If you say pilot the Millennium Falcon I will hit you."
  • Chuck Versus the Couch Lock - When Morgan attempts to hide a paralytic Casey, he put a storm trooper's helmet on him. Boba Fett's helmet was also resting on a nearby table.
  • Chuck Versus the Masquerade - Chuck and Morgan discuss the disposition of their original Kenner brand Han and Chewbacca action figures that, as kids, they purchased together.
  • Chuck Versus the Last Details - Chuck calls Casey "Chewie", a reference to Star Wars, when like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker disguised as Storm troopers to escort their 'prisoner' Chewie, he is escorting Casey.
  • Casey says, "I have a bad feeling about this," which is a line used in every Star Wars movie.
  • Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips - Verbanski wonders aloud who the 'Luke Skywalker' of Carmichael Industries is.
  • Chuck Versus the Business Trip - Morgan re-watches all the Star Wars films to restore memories destroyed by the flawed Intersect.

Terminator (1984, 1991)[]

  • Chuck Versus the Beefcake - After destroying an enemy helicopter on the roof, Barker repeats the line "come with me if you want to live" to Sarah.
  • Mary Bartowski is played by Linda Hamilton, who also originated the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator and reprises the role in Terminator 2.
  • Chuck Versus the Leftovers - Mary Bartowski also repeats the "come with me if you want to live" line.

Spies Like Us (1985)[]

  • Emmett Milbarge's name is drawn from the names of the two main characters
  • Chuck Versus the Tooth - Clips from the movie are actually shown as Chuck and Sarah search for something to watch on television.

White Nights (1985)[]

Back to the Future (1985)[]

  • Chuck Versus the DeLorean - Morgan buys a DeLorean, "1981 DeLorean DMC. Only 9, 000 made. The exact car from Back to the Future."
  • Chuck Versus the Push Mix - Twin Pines, the name of Stephen's cabin, is the name - initially - of the shopping mall where Marty meets Doc.
  • Chuck Versus the Tooth - Chuck's therapist is portrayed by Christopher Lloyd who played Doc Brown in the movies; Chuck calls him Doc several times during the episode.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)[]

Die Hard (1988)[]

  • Chuck Versus the Crown Vic - The opening number is Run-DMC's "Christmas in Hollis", the same tune Argyle was playing in the limo as they drew up to Nakatomi Plaza in the film.
  • Chuck Versus Santa Claus - Officer Al Powell, named for the character played by Reginald VelJohnson in the first two Die Hard movies, also appears in this episode.
  • Chuck Versus the Leftovers - Morgan's actions and appearance in the compromised Buy More are a nod to John MacLaine in Die Hard.
  • Chuck Versus the DeLorean - Jack Burton says he has 'sold' Nagamichi Plaza to a Saudi tycoon, a nod to the movie's Nakatomi Plaza.

Groundhog Day (1993)[]

  • Chuck Versus the First Date - Chuck repeatedly wakes up to his alarm clock playing the same band, a nod to the movie Groundhog Day. A song used, Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News, is yet another reference to Back to the Future.
  • Chuck Versus Santa Claus - Gunman, Ned Rhyerson is named for a minor character in the film.