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Ellie and Devon picking up the car.

Ford Mustang refers to the 1968 automobile owned by Stephen Bartowski. Stephen left a series of classified ads after his death, which led his daughter, Ellie, to it in Chuck Versus the First Fight.

Mary Bartowski spoke of fond memories involving the car, when she and Ellie finally spoke, of Ellie sitting between Stephen and Mary on long drives when Ellie was very young. She mentioned that the Mustang has blue leather seats which were specially ordered by her husband.



After Chuck mentions to Ellie that their father might have left something for her,  since he left Chuck his secret base, Ellie starts looking over the classified pages where Stephen had previously communicated in code with Ellie.

She notices that the same advertisement for a 1968 Ford Mustang has been posted for several weeks, but dismisses it until Mary reminds her about her father owning one when Ellie was very little.

Ellie and Devon go to the address listed in the ad, and pick up the car in which had been held for her. Ellie finds a goodbye letter from her father within.

As the couple drive off in the car, it is revealed that under one of the seats is stored one of Orion's Laptops.

Ellie prefers driving the Mustang to the new, safe, mini van Devon had purchased for his pregnant wife.