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Fulcrum is a hostile espionage organization consisting mainly of rogue agents from other federal departments. One of Fulcrum's objectives is to find the Intersect, or the human Intersect, whom they believe to be CIA agent Bryce Larkin.

Fulcrum supplied the main antagonists from the latter half of Season One up until the end of Season Two, though their specific goals beyond acquiring the Intersect were never fully revealed. Fulcrum, as it turns out, is only a subdivision of the Ring. At the end of the season 2, Fulcrum is taken down, and the Ring elders order their agents to execute all members and contacts who work for Fulcrum, including Ted Roarke who was then in CIA custody. 

In the fifth season episode, Chuck Versus Bo, it is revealed that at some point in the past, they hired Nicholas Quinn's spy company


Fulcrum's main aim is to obtain/recreate the Intersect. They were apparently close to succeeding, which prompted Bryce Larkin's mission to destroy the First Intersect. After he was shot, to keep it from being retaken, he sent it to the one person he trusted, the man he counted as his only friend, Chuck Bartowski.

One of their agents, Lizzie Shafai, while posing as a delivery girl, discovered that Chuck was the human Intersect, she did not, however, have time to reveal her discovery to her superiors.

Fulcrum hired mercenaries, led by Mr. Colt, to break into the NSA labs and steal the cypher, a new artificial brain for the second Intersect. Fulcrum was also responsible for sabotaging the cypher. Fulcrum's ultimate goal with the Intersect is unknown, but it was implied through conversations with them, that they believe they are protecting America by gaining power for themselves. One agent, when accused by Casey of being a traitor, claims they are patriots.

When Orion agrees to build Fulcrum an Intersect, in exchange for letting Chuck live, Fulcrum attempts to use the finished Intersect to build an army of super spies, by projecting the Intersect images onto an drive-in movie screen, for upload into the brains of waiting agents. Orion, however, double crossed them, and the Intersect he completed was for erasure, not implant.

In Chuck Versus the Suburbs, a team of Fulcrum agents was building an intersect, the Fulcrum Intersect, and uploaded it into the one man who survived their test,Charles Carmichael.


Fulcrum was first introduced in the Season One episode Chuck Versus the Nemesis.  Bryce Larkin tells Chuck and Sarah, "I was recruited by an outfit called Fulcrum,a special access group inside the CIA....They knew who I was, my activation codes, my record. They ordered me to shed my agency contacts and go deep. Only then did I realize it was an internal strike." The mission to steal the Intersect was code named Sand Wall in a CIA memo which Chuck accessed in a flash on the phrase, it discussed the "...strain put on the Fulcrum program in meeting the Intersect problem." It was this confirmation from the Intersect that allowed Bryce to convince the others he was not rogue, and Fulcrum was the real threat.

The organization remained a threat for the remainder of the season, most notably in Chuck Versus the Marlin when their field agent actually discovered the identity of the human Intersect, but never had the chance to make her report. Chuck was identified as the human Intersect by three different Fulcrum agents, Tommy Delgado, Lizzie Shafai, and Lt. Frank Mauser, but because of the cell structure of the organization, the knowledge never went further up the chain, as each threat was neutralized almost immediately. Chuck, therefore, remained only a person of interest, and he was not specifically targeted. Fulcrum knew something was happening in or around the Buy More but not what. In Chuck Versus the Predator, Fulcrum's leadership told Vincent that they believed the Buy More was a CIA substation, and warned him they'd lost operatives there before.

At the end of Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon, it is revealed that Chuck has been keeping a complex diagram hidden behind his Tron poster detailing connections between the Intersect and several Fulcrum agents.While the organization played an increasingly more threatening role, little definite information was revealed on their structure. Chuck Versus the Ring reveals that Fulcrum is only one part of a broader organization known as "The Ring."


Much like the CIA, Fulcrum appears to assign higher-ranking or more experienced handlers to their assets.Tommy Delgado attempted to recruit Bryce Larkin and commanded the operation to steal the Intersect. Before his execution, Frank Mauser also implied that he was a person of unusual importance within the organization, though the meaning of this was not made clear. Few other details have been revealed about Fulcrum's command structure.

The parent organization, the Ring is first seen in Chuck Versus the Predator.

High Leaders:

Leaders of Fulcrums cells:

Known Operatives[]

A number of Fulcrum operatives have been identified by Team Bartowski. Most of Fulcrum's agents are recruited from within the CIA, and are made up of field operatives and specialists. Fulcrum's recruiting efforts include corporate-style leadership seminars as a front, and Jill Roberts claims that when Fulcrum recruits students, they are given the job of their choice after college as enticement, and this contributes to handlers controlling every aspect of the recruit's life.

  • Barry Rommell - Barry Rommell (Zach Hanks) was a Fulcrum agent assigned to eliminate Guy LeFleur, an expert on pathology and biological engineering who uncovered an attempt to develop a deadly strain of influenza as a biological weapon. Little else is known about Rommell. He was shot and killed by Sarah. At the time of his death he was carrying CIA credentials, and General Beckman positively identified him as a former CIA agent.His code name while working for Fulcrum was Wolf Den.
  • Brandon Stacy - He was a CIA agent who works undercover for Fulcrum. He's seen on Lefleur's list. He was arrested by the CIA when they knew he works for Fulcrum. His code name is 'Romulus'.
  • Alexander Edgar Winterborne - Alexander was a Fulcrum agent assigned to follow up on the failed effort to recover a listing of Fulcrum agents from Guy LeFleur. Little else is known about him, other than he was once a member of the CIA Infectious Disease Task Force. He is also an FBI undercover operative due to the call made by another FBI agent who recognized him and ask if he doesn't have leave. He is the last member of Fulcrum to still active.
  • Dennis Berry - Dennis Berry was a member of the Meadow Branch enclave. He was born in Salem, Oregon, and a member of the Senior Executive Service, was the director of chemistry and life sciences at the Central Intelligence Office of Scientific Research, Arlington, VA. He was an expert on anything in the science sector organic and inorganic chemistry, biological sciences and human performance. He has a Bachelor of Art degree in psychology, Trinity College, Washington D.C.. and a Doctor of Philosophy in psychology in the University of Maryland, College Park. He joined Fulcrum in 1999.
  • Elita Natalija - Elita was one of the Fulcrum agents involved in tracking Chuck and Sarah in Chuck Versus the First Date. She is known to have a German arrest warrant on her.
  • John Kemp - Kemp was a Fulcrum operative and a henchmen of Alexis White. He was one of the contacts for Cole Barker. He was killed by John Casey after his leader escaped the building.
  • Koray Ömer - Koray was also one of the Fulcrum agents involved in Chuck Versus the First Date. His identity is revealed when Chuck flashes on him, and he is of Canadian/Moroccan origins. He was previously known to have been involved in gun trafficking and drug offenses.
  • Galina Bryant - Galina was a CIA agent who works undercover for Fulcrum. She's seen on Guy Lefleur's list. She was arrested by the CIA. Her code name is 'Pegasus'.
  • Gjergy Aleksander - Aleksander is one of these security guards and also a Fulcrum agent who supervise the security in the reception office at the Strength Leader Corporation. He also supervises the recruitment of Fulcrum agents. When Chuck flashes on him, he discovers Gjergy is from Albania. During his youth, he was a member of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program before he became a naval aviator. He served in many squadron assignments during his military career like the HMLA-269 for the Marine Corps. When the government released him from his active duty, he was recruit by Fulcrum to take command over the training program of Fulcrum agents and also the Eastern European languages and cultures program.
  • Lizzie Shafai - Lizzie was given a cover job working as the delivery girl for the Pita Parlour restaurant near the Buy More after Tommy's arrest, which she monitored via bugs. Her preferred listening device was the short-range GLG-20, which required a receiver located on-site. Although she took advantage of her looks to deflect attention, Lizzie is a trained killer and quite formidable in hand-to-hand combat. She identified Chuck as the Intersect from her surveillence and nearly captured him.
  • Lee Newton - A security guard of the Strength Leader Corporation. When Chuck flashes on him, he finds he was born in Detroit and attended public school. He later joined the US Army and became a second lieutenant. He volunteered to join the Guerilla Warfare training program. After he completed the program, he became later a student at the Special Warfare Center in fort Bragg, North Carolina. When his training finished, he joins the Special Operations Forces in was involved in some many assassinations about the enemies of the United States. He commanded a lot of Special Forces team to kill terrorist leaders in Afghanistan. When the CIA asked him to kill Synari president, Attala Gherit, Lee refused and was imprisoned for three years. During his time in prison, he was approached by Fulcrum. Lee accepted and became a member of the Fulcrum security forces division.
  • Javier Diaz - The Fulcrum agent who was responsible the launch of Fulcrum virus at the Roark Instruments program. During his youth, he was graduated from the university of Beirut. He was a member of the scientific and professional cadre of elite senior scientific program of the CIA. Formerly a CIA consultant, he was the principal scientific authority and researcher in the field of information assurance. When Fulcrum approached him, he accepts to deliver military technologies information for Fulcrum. He became the leader of the research and development of technologies who are useful for military and espionage affairs. He conceives plans and advocate major research and development activities. He also guides the scientists of Fulcrum to provide them the necessary information which they need to work with Fulcrum. His current research focuses on cyberspace technologies for revolutionizing the world of military affairs.
  • Juliette - Juliette was contracted software magnate Von Hayes to crack a stolen microchip containing an upgrade for the Intersect. She was apprehended after being shot and wounded by Casey.
  • Hans - Hans was collegue of Juliette. He tries to poison Sarah Walker in the hospital, but he failed and was captured.
  • Matieu Arnau - A security guard of the Strength Leader Corporation and also a Fulcrum agent. He was a lieutenant of the US Army and served in many operations like Operation Just Cause or Operation Desert Storm. Each of mission the CIA assigned for him, he successfully complete without problems. The US Government accepts to graduate him as a platoon commander. He was deployed by the HQ in Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Asia and Eastern Europe. The last time he was loyal to US government is when he must doing a mission for the CIA in Panama to search in find some illegal activities like weapon traffics. He was captured by the mercenaries of the traffic and the government let him for dead. During his captivity, he was approached by the leader of the mercenaries who reveals himself as a member of Fulcrum. Matieu accepts to work with them to deliver illegal weapons in the United States. He becomes later a Fulcrum operative.
  • Mark Holloway - Mark was a member of the Meadow Branch. He is native of Birmingham, AL. He joined the Air Force after completing the University of Notre-Dame's ROTC program as a distinguished graduate. He received the pilot wings and flew operational assignments in the F-4E. He later assigned to the Space Shuttle Program and participated in 15 shuttle launches as a NASA orbit project engineer.Others assignments included tours with the Air Force inspector General, the Defense Mapping Agency and Electronic Systems Center. In 1999, Holloway sought out Fulcrum having had a crisis of conscience with the United States involvement with the Junction Project. He became an active member of Fulcrum in 2000 after delivering computer files needed to crash the system of the Anderson Project.
  • Mitch Merryman - Born in Opal, Arkansas, Mitch was a member of the Meadow Branch. He served as the final Assessments Division Chief for Strategic Command and the first chief of Assessments for the CIA. He led strategic deference and conventional war fighting capability assessments, and provided war gaming oversight. In 1998, he became a member of the Senior Executive Service as Associate Director for Marketing, Simulation and Analysis with the Directorate for Command and Control in the Office of the CIA. He joined Fulcrum in 1999.
  • Samantha Merryman - Samantha was a member of the Meadow Branch. Born in Dayton, OH, she was a former member of the Senior Executive Service in the CIA has the Deputy Executive Officer for Command and Control, and Combat Support Systems Planning and the Pentagon. She was the senior civilian responsible for acquiring and maintaining the information technology systems used to support operations for the CIA major commands, Department of Defense and other agencies. Samantha has a Bachelor of science degree in math and psychology from Ball State University and a Master of science degree in engineering management in the Dayton University. She started her career in the CIA in the personal area. She also served as a supply cataloger, operations research analyst, equipment specialist and major modernization system program manager for CIA Force Material Command.
  • Vanessa White - Vanessa (Alison Simpson) was one of the undercover Fulcrum agents who lived in the Meadow Branch suburban development. She acted as Brad's wife, though it is unclear if the two are actually married. Her fate at the end of the episode is unknown.
  • Vladimir Valentin - Vladimir is a security guard of the Strength Leader Corporation. During his youngest age, he works for the US Army as a member of the US Special Forces. He was assigned by the CIA in a top secret project who consist to kill the leader of human traffic who operates in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. He was an expert about camouflage and ninja techniques. He successfully kill the leader of the traffic and graduate by the US Government as a captain of the US Army. He serves in many factions of the Army like the Navy Seals, the Marine Corps or the Delta Forces. Fulcrum recruited him because his exceptional skills are useful to the organization. Vladimir was corrupted and betrayed his country for the Fulcrum in exchange for a better life. He becomes later a Fulcrum operative.
  • William Whitmore - William was a Fulcrum operative and a henchmen of Alexis White. He was killed by John Casey.
  • Jill Roberts
  • Ned Rhyerson
  • Sylvia Arculin
  • Cliff Arculin
  • Brad White

Guy Lefleur's List[]

  • Pegasus : alias of Galina Bryant
  • Romulus : alias of Brandon Stacy
  • Sand Storm : alias of Jill Roberts

The real identities for the rest of these code names are unknown.

  • Snake Eyes
  • Angel
  • Reaver
  • Singing Banana
  • Hondo
  • Brownstone
  • Fishtail
  • Greyhound
  • Chickenhawk
  • Buckeye
  • Animal Mother
  • Lightweight
  • Turtle dove
  • Matchmaker
  • Island Hopper
  • Mountaineer
  • Arclight
  • Steelbottom
  • Coho
  • Rapunzel

These Fulcrum agents are working under these alias inside the US government agencies like the NSA, CIA, DHS or others. When Casey and Sarah succeed to decrypt Lefleur's list, the government agencies begin to arrest these corrupt agents.



  • W.T. Energy Corp.
  • Lateral Energies inc.
  • Barak Mobility
  • AKBAR Energy Resources
  • Teveron Consulting
  • Holloway Corporation
  • Penumbra Cable

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