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"Let's do some damage."
―John Casey
Gatling turret4

Nerd Herd Turret

When the Buy More store became a CIA substation, the most advanced defensive systems against an attack were installed. One of these is a system of General Electric M134 Minigun series of turrets equipped with motion activated targeting sensors. The turrets, when activated, drop down from a concealed recess above the store's department signs. The miniguns can be remote activated from the Castle.

The GE M134 is a six-barreled, electrically-powered Gatling gun which is capable of producing firing rates of up to 3000-4000 rounds per minute which equals about 50-60 rounds per second. The weapon fires 7.62 x 51mm NATO ammunition. Like other machine guns, M134 miniguns use belted ammunition, consisting of individual cartridges held together with links. The red beacon above the turret is a motion activated targeting sensor which will track any moving target within its quadrant.

The M134 turrets were used to try and force Alexei Volkoff to leave the Buy More when he came to get Frost back. Volkoff's hacker K.K. was able to hack the Castle system and turn the turrets off before they could be utilized.

The turrets were seen in Chuck Versus the Leftovers.