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General Stanfield

Seasons: 1
Portrayed by: Dale Dye
Status: Active
Occupation: General US Army
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Intersect

General Stanfield is a senior NATO officer. He appears in Chuck Versus the Intersect as the target of an assassination plot which is to take place whilst he is in LA to give a speech. He is first mentioned on the TV news reports which say that he is landing in LA, Chuck, who unbeknownst to him has uploaded the Intersect, flashes and states that he is already in LA, but doesn't know how he knows that.

Later when Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are on a rooftop, Chuck sees a hotel in the distance and flashes, telling the others that he knows things that he shouldn't, and Sarah explains that he has the Intersect in his head. Sarah asks him for details about what he knows, about the thing about to happen, and Chuck explains that there was a Serbian demolitions expert at the Large Mart, that the NSA intercepted blueprints of a hotel and that the CIA intercepted schematics for a bomb in Prague and that the bomb is now in the hotel.

They rush to the hotel where General Stanfield is giving a speech, and find the bomb, but with only thirty seconds to defuse it, and no time to evacuate. The bomb is set with traps to explode if the wires are cut. The General notices the team and suggests a orderly withdraw from the room to the audience.

Chuck overrides the computer to access the internet and searches for "IRENE DEMOVA", and opens up the website. A piece of malware called the Irene Demova Virus, spoken of earlier in the episode, infects the computer and stops the bomb countdown and the General is saved.