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George Fleming
George Fleming

Seasons: 01
Portrayed by: Scott Alan Smith
Status: Unknown (last mentioned as heading into surgery)
Occupation: Stanford professor
CIA recruiter
Aliases: Glass Castle (code name)
Relationships: Bryce Larkin (recruiter)
Residence: Stanford, California
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Alma Mater

Professor George Fleming was a Stanford University professor who taught a Psychology and Symbolism class on the subconscious and subliminal image recognition. He was also a recruiter for the CIA, a "a company scientist," not an operative.

During Chuck's time at Stanford as a scholarship student, he took Fleming's class, and was put on the CIA recruitment track without his knowledge; "I'm required to send all the top test results to the Agency....He's a perfect candidate. Keywords in his essay responses correlate to 98 percent of the images in the exam...The Agency is not going to let go of a recruit this promising. The amount of information he can retain... He's in no matter what. "

When Fleming finally called Chuck in for the recruitment meeting, Bryce Larkin, who had been recruited during his junior year, intercepted the message and made sure Chuck never got it. "Chuck's a good person, he's got too much heart for this kind of work, he's no operative. You can't put him out in the field, he won't survive....If he cheated on the exam, copied all the answers, it would invalidate the results, wouldn't it? Now you're going to help me, professor." Then he conspired with Fleming to frame Chuck for cheating on the test, invalidating the results, which then led to his expulsion from the University, but safety from CIA recruiters. Chuck had all ready been slated for the CIA's Omaha Project but was dropped from consideration after Bryce's plot.

In 2007, Fleming was targeted by Magnus Einerson, an Icelandic assassin, who was looking for Fleming's files on all the CIA recruits at Stanford. Fleming spots the assassin and recognizes him, and calls in "...reporting hostile contact. I made a mistake, Black Coat. I copied intel for myself onto a disc. They're after it. I know I shouldn't have...." After he vanishes from his Stanford office, General Beckman sends Team Bartowski out to retrieve him, hoping Chuck will play the familiar, calming face, a role Chuck is initially unwilling to play, citing a "very bad personal connection." When he then flashes on his own college ID, however, he decides he needs answers and agrees to help bring in Fleming.

When Chuck later spots him walking down the street, he moves to stop him, telling him he was there to extract him, and using his code name to confirm. Fleming was surprised he hadn't been trained to use any code phrases, and tells him "if it's a dangerous situation, say, 'Are you coming to the toga party?'"

Chuck then took a moment to ask Fleming about his expulsion, but before Fleming could explain what had happened, Einerson shoots him in the back with his crossbow. Before slipping into unconsciousness, Fleming gave Chuck a list of numbers and tells him to give it to Bryce Larkin, unaware Larkin is presumed dead. When the team next met, Sarah told Chuck that Fleming was in surgery. It was his last mention.

The numbers Fleming gave Chuck, lead to a cache Bryce used in the library at Stanford.Chuck later uses Fleming's emergency phrase to rally CIA recruits at Stanford to stop Einerson.


  • According to Chuck's Tron Poster, Fleming's CIA code name is Glass Castle and he received his M.A. and Ph.D. at Yale University.