Gertrude Verbanski


Seasons:Season 5
Portrayed by:Carrie-Anne Moss
Status: Alive
Occupation:Head of Verbanski Corporation
Relationships: John Casey (boyfriend)
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit"
"Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips"
"Chuck Versus the HackOff"
"Chuck Versus the Kept Man"
Fine, I love Casey! Just, geez, stop grilling me!

Gertrude Verbanski is the founder and CEO of Verbanski Corporation, an established rival to Chuck Bartowski's Carmichael Industries. She is portrayed by Carrie-Anne Moss.

Verbanski first appeared in the Season Five episode, "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit".

Biography Edit

Verbanski was once a KGB operative until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Her security firm, Verbanski Corporation, is internationally known for being one of the best private security companies. She informs Sarah Walker that Verbanski Corp has operatives in 38 different countries and 15 Pentagon contracts that gross some 2 billion dollars annually.

Verbanski has a past with John Casey, making much of the fact that she was one of the few to have disarmed him, she has the gun mounted in her office.

In "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit", Casey asks Sarah if she ever had sex with someone after they tried to kill her, strongly implying this was his history with Gertrude.

Series Edit

Verbanski and her spy firm is introduced in "Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit", when her team drops into a security conference to win a new government contract.

Gertrude Verbanski

In "Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips", Casey and Gertrude go on a date, and throughout "Chuck Versus the HackOff", Casey and Gertrude are shown to have an ever more intense relationship, even having a tryst in a store room during Casey's incarceration. While Verbanski and Sarah are on a mission, Gertrude admits that she loves Casey but she's terrified it's going to turn in to something, like marriage and kids. Sarah informs her it's all about communication, but Gertrude says she's been in the spy game since she was 16, and can't imagine a life away from it.

Verbanski assists Morgan in breaking Casey out of prison, and later, at Casey's request, teams up with Carmichael Industries  when they are a man down because of his arrest, and he knows they are being targeted by rogue CIA Agent Clyde Decker.

Gertrudepalnts an explosive on Decker, killing him. Simultaneously she picked his pocket for the Omen Virus and returns the Omen to Chuck. Verbanski becomes a fugitive and after breaking Casey out of jail, leaves the country. Her fugitive status is implied to have been resolved after Decker's involvement in the Oman Virus conspiricy and Daniel Shaw was proven by Chuck's team in "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit".

In "Chuck Versus the Goodbye", Casey leaves Burbank to join Gertrude in Germany.

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