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The exterior of the Grand Seville

The Grand Seville is an upmarket hotel located in Los Angeles, California. It is featured in Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover.


The hotel is the location where John Casey's ex-lover; Ilsa Trinchina is staying along with a number of criminals; including Dmitry Siljack, a black market arms dealer specializing in former Soviet weaponry, Yuri S. Gorsky, Boris Buturlin, Dmitri Brusilov, Grigory Krylov, Ivan Fyodorov, L. J. Houdyshell and Nikolai Ilyin.

Team Bartowski are tasked with heading undercover to the hotel to find out why numerous criminals are present in Los Angeles. It is discovered that Victor Federov, a Russian mob boss is leading the operation, and Ilsa Trinchina is to become his wife.

The hotel is shown again later, when Sarah enters as a guest and breaks into a locker room. She then dresses as a maid to attempt to find out more information. Unbeknownst to Sarah, Chuck brings Casey to the hotel to try and win Ilsa back, until they bump into each other in a hallway.

Chuck claims he is there to look at surveillance footage and see if he flashes, so Sarah takes them both to the surveillance room. When they spot Ilsa, Chuck sends Casey down to the bar to speak to her.

Meanwhile, Sarah spots suspicious activity in a private hallway, and has to take out a guard; leaving Chuck to deliver the package as she has to deal with the body (she is unaware that Casey is with Ilsa). Chuck discovers Ilsa is French secret service, and has to hide under the bed where he is found by Casey. Eventually, Chuck and Casey are both captured and thrown out the window of the hotel, only to land in the swimming pool, interrupting the wedding. Ilsa and Sarah assist them in disarming the situation.

It seems to be common practice for the Burbank Buy More to provide tech support services for such high-end establishments.


The sign on the door Sarah enters spells the name of the hotel 'Saville'