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Appearing in Chuck Versus the Anniversary, the HR Guys are a series of men Chuck interviews with while in search of a new non-CIA related job. Initially, Chuck approaches Ellie for professional contacts, and then sets up interviews based on her best leads, "I told Ellie about the job hunt. She's lined up five interviews for today." He and Morgan brave LA public transportation and hit all five.


His last interview is at Vandalay Industries, where the HR Guy is apparently thrilled with Chuck's qualifications, "You know, with a résumé like this, and a degree from Stanford, it's astounding you haven't been snatched up." Chuck almost desperately asks to be snatched up.

When HR Guy wonders why Chuck is so nervous, Chuck explains that over the course of the day's interviews, "...for starters, have you ever had anyone fall asleep in an interview? Just after that, the person sitting in your position got a little ill. Just after that, the interviewer started going into convulsions. The last interview I just came from, they told me they were going for a cup of coffee, and then they never came back. I mean, how long does it take to get coffee?"


The Vandalay recruiter then tells Chuck he has good news, and comes to within two words of hiring Chuck when the phone then rings. Chuck tells him it would be a bad idea to answer it. The man picks up the receiver and indicates to Chuck the call is about him. He then appears frightened, hangs up, and tells Chuck the position has been filled. Chuck is then lifted up, chair and all, and escorted from the building.

It later transpires that General Beckman has sabotaged all of Chuck interviews to force him back into the CIA.