Seasons: Season 3
Portrayed by: Kristin Kreuk
Status: Alive (last seen in 2009)
Occupation: Nerd Herder (former)
Relatives: Unnamed parents
Relationships: Charles Bartowski (ex-boyfriend)
Residence: Burbank (former)
Appearances: "Chuck Versus First Class"
"Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler"
"Chuck Versus the Mask"
"Chuck Versus the Fake Name"
No one in first class ever wants to do anything that badly.

Hannah is a recurring character  in season three of the television show, Chuck on NBC. First appeared in the Season Three episode, "Chuck Versus First Class". She is portrayed by Kristin Kreuk.

Character History[edit | edit source]

Chuck met Hannah in Chuck Versus First Class when he was sent on his forst solo mission, and they hit it off while chatting en route to Paris. She revealed that she had just lost her job and she was clearing out her European office. Chuck impulsively offered her a job, which she was likely wildly overqualified for, if she were ever in Burbank. In "Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler" Hannah turns up in Burbank and accepts Chuck's offer to work for the Buy More's Nerd Herd team but Chuck's efforts to train her are repeatedly frustrated by his current mission. Hannah herself is unknowingly caught up in another operation during her first Nerd Herd service call; after Chuck's team steals a mask of Alexander the Great, a Ring operative uses her as bait to force Chuck to return the mask, and the cyclosarin gas being smuggled within. She is moments from suffocating when Chuck Rescues her. Afterwards, she and Chuck begin seeing each other.

Relationship with Chuck[edit | edit source]

Chuck Hannah.jpg

In her first appearance in "Chuck Versus First Class", Hannah seems to have a unique relationship with Chuck Bartowski upon their meeting. They seem to be flirty and she is curious about Chuck. She even offers to show Chuck a tour of Paris.

In "Chuck Versus the Mask", Hannah reveals that she likes Chuck when she is unknowingly helping him with one of his spy missions. When Ellie and Morgan, become suspicious about Chuck's frequent disappearances from work, they find Hannah making out with Chuck in the Home Theater room, much to the dismay of Morgan, who also has an interest in Hannah. Ellie is delighted that Chuck has a secret girlfriend.


Hannah and Chuck begin dating. However, once Chuck realizes that he will have to lie to her about his spy life, and he feels like he is no longer able to compartmentalize, that his life is just one big lie. Ellie points out he may be feeling that way because things with Hannah were moving too fast, and that he still has feelings for Sarah.

He ultimately chooses to break up with Hannah both to protect her, he tells her that there are parts of his life she can't know, and that she deserves to have someone she can know completely, and because Ellie is right. He is visibly unhappy, but Hannah is deeply hurt, thinking that Chuck lied to her so he could sleep with her. She quits the Buy More after their breakup and is not seen again.

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