Harry Tang


Seasons:Season 1
Portrayed by:C.S. Lee
Status: Alive (last seen in 2007)
Occupation:Buy More Assistant Manager
Aliases:The Tang
Relatives: Poppy Tang (wife)
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Residence:Burbank (former)
Appearances: "Chuck Versus the Intersect"
"Chuck Versus the Tango"
"Chuck Versus the Sandworm"
"Chuck Versus the Alma Mater"
"Chuck Versus the Truth"

Harold "Harry" Tiberius Tang was one of Chuck's coworkers at the Buy More. Smug and overbearing, Harry is convinced that Big Mike is going to promote him to assistant manager, a position he obtained when Chuck fails to show up to his interview with a matter of spy business.

Character Information Edit

Harry is is pessimistic, paranoid, and constantly trying to shift blame onto others. He is commonly hated by the other Buy More employees, finds great pleasure in tormenting Morgan, and does his utmost to reign supreme over all employees after he is promoted.

His one true love seems to be his flirty and unfaithful wife, Poppy Tang.

Series Edit

In "Chuck Versus the Truth", Harry moves to Hawaii with his wife, who we discover had been having an affair with Big Mike for six months; the affair was apparently the only reason Big Mike made Harry the assistant manager since he felt guilty about "diddling the Lady Tang."

Harry leaves with the belief that he is to be a new spy operative in Oahu, Hawaii - a smooth lie courtesy of Major John Casey to explain themselves when Casey, Sarah, and Chuck were caught in the Buy More Home Theater Room talking to their bosses during Harry's investigation of what he believed will be a rendezvous between his wife and Morgan. Casey also further inflates Harry's ego and covers for Chuck when he tells Harry that Chuck was only a "small potato" to bring in Harry , who is actually the "big potato."

Trivia Edit

  • Harry may be a fan of the rock band; Van Halen. During "Chuck Versus the Alma Mater", it is revealed he has set the code to his master remote at Buy More to "OU812#", which is a reference to Van Halen's 8th album that was titled "OU812".