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Hugo Panzer

Hugo Panzer

Seasons: 3, 4
Portrayed by: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Ring Operative
Appearances: Chuck Versus First Class
Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

Hugo Panzer, is an agent for the Ring and is also a Volkoff Industries operative. He partners with Ring operative Serena and they, in Chuck Versus First Class, are transporting the key to the Ring Intelligence Safe on a flight from Los Angeles to Paris, France.

He is an expert at close-range combat and uses a short sword that he keeps in his checked luggage. He returns again in Chuck Versus the Cubic Z under assignment from Volkoff, as a prisoner in a broke down transport vehicle, and was temporarily moved to Castle with Heather Chandler.

Chuck, who thinks his first solo mission starts when he gets to Paris, is on the same flight as Hugo and flashes and identifies him as an agent of the Ring. After contacting the rest of Team Bartowski that happens to be observing him from Castle, he discovers that his mission is actually on the plane and is to steal the key from Hugo. Chuck manages to drug Panzer, with a KGB Knockout Pen, and takes his baggage claim ticket. Chuck sneaks into the cargo hold and recovers the key, but is confronted again by Panzer, who has recovered thanks to a Ring wrist device on his arm which shocks him awake if his heart rate falls too low. Chuck finds a fencing saber in the baggage, flashes, and uses it to subdue him before rejoining Hannah on the passenger deck.

Hugo's teammate, Serena, manages to poison Chuck through his drink and forces him back to the cargo deck where she and Panzer demand he return the key. He manages to escape when Sarah and Shaw take control of the aircraft remotely and the two enemy agents are knocked unconscious. After being rendered unconscious three times during the flight, Hugo is apprehended upon arrival in France.

In Chuck Versus the Cubic Z, Hugo manages to escape his CIA cell while being temporarily held in Castle for a new transport vehicle and attempts to kill Heather Chandler who also dealt for Volkoff. He was assigned to assassinate her for ruining Volkoff's $500 million deal. They were by arrangement to be in the same transport that broke down.


  • The name is presumably intended to evoke the armor and tank aspects of Panzer.
  • According to Chuck's flash on the CIA Security briefing, Hugo was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1971. He was also an Olympic martial arts team candidate.