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Ilsa Trinchina

Ilsa Trinchina

Seasons: Season One
Portrayed by: Ivana Milicevic
Status: Alive
Occupation: French Spy
Aliases: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Relationships: John Casey (ex-boyfriend)

Victor Federov (mark)

Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover
Drop the gun, Sugar Bear.

Ilsa Trinchina was born on April 26, 1974 the youngest of six children born to Alexandre and Valentina Trinchina. In 2004, she was romantically involved with John Casey, who was under the impression she was a photojournalist with the AP. She is later revealed to be French secret service.

She was introduced, via flashback, as an AP photographer, who was involved in an affair with John Casey. He had a short but intense relationship with her while on an assignment in Grozny, Chechnya under cover as an "energy consultant" which she teased him about, asking what that even was. Ilsa called him by the nickname "Sugar Bear." Casey was led to believe that Ilsa had died in a terrorist bombing in Chechnya when the cafe across the street from their hotel was bombed.


In Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover, Chuck enters the Buy More storage cage where Jeff is illegally copying celebrity contact information from a hotel's computer which is in for repairs. He removes Jeff from the cage and starts shutting down the registry when he flashes on one name in the register. When he begins reading, more names trigger additional flashes and he writes them down, over a dozen, except for one: Ilsa Trinchina, who he sees has a connection with Casey.

Chuck tracks down Casey and informs him of the "mother-lode" of the flashes, and then teases him "Does the name Ilsa Trinchina mean anything to you... Sugar Bear?" Casey puts him in a choke hold, "You say that name ever again and I will end you," before relenting when Chuck reminds him that he's hurting the Intersect.

Chuck advises Sarah of the flashes, and what he saw about Casey. Sarah's own interest is piqued and she agrees to check into it. Team Bartowski is ordered by Beckman to head to the Grand Seville hotel to investigate. Chuck tries to talk to Casey about Ilsa, but Casey storms off angrily. Sarah tells Chuck that she discovered Ilsa was dead. Chuck, however, sees Ilsa alive,  and points her out to Sarah. Casey moves in and accidentally winds up face to face with her. Ilsa tells a stunned Casey that when she woke up after the blast she had no memory of who she was, and could only recall his face. Meanwhile, Chuck flashes on the head of the mobsters, Victor Federov (Pavel Lychnikoff), he is in town to marry his fiance - Ilsa.

When Chuck later is forced to find his way to Federov's hotel room to plant a bug, he finds a dossier that revealed that Ilsa is working undercover for DGSE - the French secret service - and was playing Federov as a way to get evidence on his criminal organization, which has been proved airtight to probes previously. He is interrupted by Ilsa and Casey's entrance, and they in turn are interrupted by Chuck's phone ringing. Casey is made privy to the fact she, too, is a spy.


The next day, Ilsa tracks Casey to the Buy More and tries to explain her mission. She returns the pendant he gave her in Chechnya, and says she wishes things could be different. That night, well lubricated with Scotch, Casey speaks with Chuck, and tosses the pendant down in front of him, saying he used to think meant something. Chuck finds a Russian made RX 77 bug has fallen out of the necklace, Victor has been listing to her and heard the reveal that she was French secret service - she is in danger. Casey and Chuck then rush to stop the wedding and save Ilsa. Instead they are taken by Victor, who explains he plans to kill Ilsa, and them, in a way that will leave unidentifiable corpses, thereby faking his own death. Downstairs, as the wedding ceremony begins, it is interrupted by Chuck's screams as he and Casey plunge from the fifth floor balcony into the pool. Sarah then holds Victor at gunpoint, and lofts another gun over to Ilsa who points it at Victor's head. Victor and his men are taken into DGSE custody, and Casey comments that Ilsa looks good with a gun.

Casey and Ilsa share one night together at his apartment, and say their goodbyes just outside Chuck's, Casey saying, "Just so you know. I'm happy you're not dead."

After she leaves, Casey tells Chuck that she is going back under cover with a new name, and they will likely never meet again: a spy's life.

Nerd Notes[]

  • Like many elements in the episode, her first name is from the classic film, "Casablanca" (1942).
  • Ilsa's dossier states that she is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, and Armenian.

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