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For other uses of the term Intersect, see The Intersect.

Intersect Bases refer to top secret establishments where the CIA and NSA house the Intersect computer system. There have been several buildings in the series which fit this definition - the location Bryce broke into in Chuck Versus the Intersect which housed the original Intersect, the base seen in Chuck Versus the First Date, which housed the Second Intersect before it exploded, and the base seen in Chuck Versus the Ring which housed Intersect 2.0.

Base #1[]


Bryce in Base 1

This base, first seen in Chuck Versus the Intersect, is the first of the Intersect bases in the series, and was where the government had decided to keep the original Intersect until it was destroyed. Fulcrum wanted to have control of the Intersect and so hired spy Bryce Larkin to steal the computer files for them.

On Chuck's 26th birthday, Bryce broke into this base, downloaded the computer files to a remote device and then destroyed the original computer with high explosives. He then made his escape from the base and to the ground floor by jumping down to different levels of the building. When he reached the ground floor, he was confronted by John Casey who shot him down, but not before he was able to send the Intersect files to Chuck.

Base #2[]

The Intersect

Base #2 was seen a few times in the series, when Beckman was talking about how far along the CIA and the NSA were to completing the Second Intersect which was housed within this room. This base's Intersect room looked like the previous room, all white with the Intersect control computer, another Macintosh, in the middle.

When the new Intersect was ready Langston Graham led six other agents into the room to initiate an upload. It should be noted that Graham was the only one wearing sun glasses, accepted as a protection and a block for the Intersect, meaning that the plan was for the other agents to become human Intersects, not Graham. All didn't go to plan, as Fulcrum had replaced The Cipher, a device that acts as the brain for the Intersect, with a sabotage device which then blew up the New Intersect along with Graham and the agents and the room.

Base #3[]

Intersect Base -3

Base exterior

Base #3 like the other government Intersect rooms seen in the series is a white room woes walls are made up entirely of screens which, when the Intersect is activated, are used to project the Intersect files to be views by the people in the room.

In Chuck Versus the Ring Bryce escapes from the Ring agents gun fight by locking himself in this room but is unable to upload the Intersect as he has been shot.

Chuck drops down from the ceiling, mirroring Bryce's entry into the Intersect room in Chuck Versus the Intersect and takes the Intersect Overload Cartridge handed to him by Bryce, ready to destroy the Intersect 2.0 before it can end up in the hands of The Ring.

Intersect room

The Intersect 2.0 room

Chuck then reconsiders, knowing that they need the Intersect to fight the Ring, and uploads the Intersect, destroying the computer after the upload is complete. This is the only time an upload did not induce a complete collapse for Chuck, rather he is just staggered by it, not incapacitated.

The Ring burst into the room, with a captured Sarah and Casey causing Chuck to upload Kung Fu skills which he uses to fight off the Ring agents.

Ring Intersect[]

Interset Ring

Obviously, a rogue organization such as the Ring would not utilize a government building. The Ring Intersect, was housed in a concealed Ring facility accessed via the LA subway access tunnels.

It should be noted that Ring Intersect was also housed in an Intersect room, though it did differ a good deal from the designs of the governmental facilities mentioned above, not the least of which was the much smaller size.