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The Data Drive attached to Von Hayes' keys.

The Intersect Data Drive is a microchip containing encrypted information regarding an Intersect refresh, an item which features prominently in Chuck Versus the Break-Up.


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In Chuck Versus the Break-Up, Fulcrum are revealed to have hired wealthy software magnate Von Hayes to decrypt the information regarding the Intersect contained on the chip. Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Bryce attend a birthday party Hayes is holding at his estate, where the Fulcrum agent, identified as Juliette, kills his assistant and demands Hayes hand over the chip.

He takes his keys and tells her that it is in his vault, however he drops his keys, and Chuck, who is hiding under the table, flashes on them, and realizes the data drive is attached. When Juliette discerns Chuck presence, Hayes manages to escape and later uses the microchip to demand help from the CIA and NSA.

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