Mary with the device

The Intersect Suppression Device refers to a small black portable machine, first seen in "Chuck Versus the First Fight", apparently designed to render the Intersect largely inaccessible, it does not erase the Intersect, the erasure device was developed by Stephen Bartowski while incarcerated at the Starbrite Drive In facility in Chuck Versus the Colonel.

Whilst Chuck is in his father's base attempting to get the Phalanx XR-12 computer to read a SIS disk supposedly containing evidence of his mother's innocence, Mary takes the device from a storage box labelled "Eurybia". She then powers up the device and displays it to Chuck, saying his father never wanted him to see it, as blue images flash up as a video stream. This causes Chuck's Intersect 2.0 to be suppressed, preventing him from fully flashing. Fragments and incomplete access is all that he can achieve until "Chuck Versus the Leftovers", when he regains full access, through a laptop left by his father.

In "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death", however, Chuck undergoes a month of intensive assessment and treatment designed to access the Intersect 2.0 and allow Chuck to flash once more. The CIA scientists conducting the assessment concluded that the device hadn't damaged or removed the Intersect but merely suppressed it making Chuck unable to complete a flash. After therapy Chuck flashes multiple times, but the contents of the flash are static.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The suppression device is clearly a modified Sony Playstation Portable, notable for its distinctive shape and shoulder buttons. However, the device has a different face plate and input panel.
  • Eurybia is another code name based on Greek mythology, in myth Eurybia was described as "having a heart of flint within her", she was known as the ancestor of gods.
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