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Be on the lookout for the Irene Demova virus. It's nasty, highly contagious, and will destroy your computer. To avoid contracting this deadly ailment, DO NOT visit the Irene Demova website.

Irene Demova Virus is a computer virus, named after the Serbian porn star Irene Demova, which Chuck describes as a computer killer. The Irene Demova virus is downloaded when her website is accessed and then it promptly kills the computer that downloaded it.


In the Pilot, Chuck warns the Nerd Herders about the virus, demonstrating it's destructive power by showing them a Prism Express laptop that had been compromised:


The Irene Demova Virus destroying a laptop

"Fellow nerds, today is going to be a very bad day. We've got a new computer virus on our hands. They're calling this one the Irene Demova virus. Yes, yes, it's named after the Serbian porn star. Lonely dude call volume will be high. This is a nasty one, kids. It's a computer killer. Last night, the display version of our Prism Express laptop was fried when someone decided to enter Miss Demova's web site."

Morgan Grimes manages to fry two computers by going to the Irene Demova website, the first being the aforementioned display version of a Prism Express laptop and then his personal computer. At the end of the episode, Chuck uses the computer's DOS override to surf the internet and download the virus which, as planned, infects and destroys the computer that controls a bomb, stopping it from detonating.

The virus reappears in the series finale, Chuck Versus the Goodbye, when Chuck is attempting to disable a bomb set by Nicholas Quinn that was meant to kill General Diane Beckman. The bomb is run with a Prism Express laptop, which the same model that was seen in the pilot. As Chuck accesses the bomb aided by the Intersect, a memory-suppressed Sarah reminds him of the Irene Demova virus, encouraging Chuck's confidence that she remembers the first time he used the virus to stop a bomb. Chuck is able to locate the virus on his phone and download it to the laptop, frying the computer and stopping the bomb.

Promotional Use[]

The creators of Chuck put out the word, pretending that the virus was real, and linked to the NBC About Chuck page, as the only page with the "cure" for the virus. This worked well as there were many sites created about the virus.