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James Keller
James Keller

Seasons: 3
Portrayed by: Robert Patrick
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Army Officer (former), Ring Operative
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Col. James Keller was a former US military black ops officer who dishonorably discharged for and later worked for The Ring.

In 1989, Alex Coburn is being reviewed by a ranking officer regarding his application for special forces training while in Honduras. His application is not accepted, but he is then approached by Keller who asks him if he wants to join his NSA black ops team of the most elite soldiers and snipers, which Coburn accepts. Keller allows Coburn to make a final phone call to his fiancée Kathleen McHugh, and then Alex Coburn is officially "killed" in action in Honduras and becomes John Casey.

The full extent of Keller's activities during the time from his recruitment of Casey to when he re-emerged in the present day are unknown; however, at some point, Keller joined the Ring and turned former NSA combat instructor Ty Bennett as well. A flash by Chuck suggests that Keller had been dishonorably discharged.

In Chuck Versus the Tic Tac, Keller contacts Casey, following a failed attempt by the Ring to seize Castle, and extorts him into stealing a top-secret government emotion-suppressing and performance-enhancing drug called Laudanol. Keller threatens to murder Casey's ex-fiancee, Kathleen McHugh, if he refuses to obey. Casey steals the pill while Team Bartowski is spy-proofing a CIA storage facility, but is ratted out as the thief by Chuck (who initially believes he's being tested on his loyalty to his country over his friends). Casey is promptly arrested and put in a cell at the CIA facility. Keller breaks Casey out, as Casey hasn't delivered the drug yet.

Chuck deduces the hiding place at the Buy More where Casey has hidden the drug, and Morgan retrieves it. Casey ambushes Chuck and demands he turn the pill over, but Chuck doesn't believe Casey will shoot him; Casey admits that Keller is extorting him by threatening to kill his ex-fiancée, and Chuck and Sarah convince him they'll save her together. Casey meets with Keller, but refuses to give him the drug. A fight breaks out, and Keller tries to turn Casey again; however, Casey realizes that Keller would have killed McHugh anyway, and breaks Keller's neck.

Nerd Notes[]

  • Keller is played by Robert Patrick who is well know for having portrayed the second generation, liquid metal advanced prototype T-1000 Terminator in Terminator II: Judgement Day. The Terminator franchise is an often reference source on Chuck.

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