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James Rye

Seasons: Season 4
Portrayed by: Rob Riggle
Status: Deceased
Occupation: CIA Agent
Residence: Langley
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Fear of Death
Amazing work, Agent Carmichael, you've got the stones of a bull!

James "Jim" Rye is a CIA psy-ops agent sent by General Beckman to investigate and work with Chuck to get the Intersect accessible again after it had been neutralized by Mary Bartowski with a portable device. Rye is sent after the NSA's neural scientists found that the Intersect is not removed, but suppressed.

Rye is sent from Langley and began his first tactic when Chuck first meets him in Castle, where he has a team of agents disguised as ninjas. The tactic managed to cause Chuck to flash abortively, even so, Chuck tried to fight them, but with no real success. Rye was impressed with Chuck's mettle.

He then trains Chuck with 'pain therapy' and resorts to hitting him, with the idea that Chuck may flash when in pain, but to no avail. He tests a training movement on Sarah, which she remembers all of her moves and even the names of her movements well. He feels that Castle and Sarah are 'mollycoddling' Chuck, and that in this safe, protected environment he cannot re-acquire the use of the Intersect.

He has Beckman to send him and Chuck a dangerous mission to Switzerland, to test his theory that Chuck will flash under fear of death. They enter an auction with the great villains of Europe in an attempt at acquiring a diamond up for bid by a Belgian named Adelbert de Smet.

They failed to win the auction when Chuck was held at gunpoint by one of its buyers and ordered to hold his bid. Chuck and Rye decide to break into the vault where and steal the diamond, which was revealed to be a fake and concealing a microdot. Chuck, with his intellect, jewelers loup and his online gemology course, proved he really doesn't even need the Intersect to be a good spy.

The two are ordered acquire all the fake diamonds, and to capture the Belgian. In the confrontation between the Belgian and his goons, Rye was shot by the Belgian, and he falls to his death from a aerial gondola, leaving Chuck in harm's way. Chuck was then kidnapped, and subjected to testing by Dr. Mueller and the Belgian as they attempt to retrieve the Intersect.

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