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Jane Bentley
Jane Bentley

Seasons: Season 4
Portrayed by: Robin Givens
Status: Alive
Occupation: Deputy Director of the NCS
Relatives: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Masquerade
Chuck Versus the A-Team
Chuck Versus the Muuurder
My Intersects aren't afraid to pull the trigger.

Jane Bentley is the Director of the National Clandestine Service, and is a fierce rival of General Diane Beckman. She is portrayed by Robin Givens.

She first appeared in Chuck Versus the Masquerade, where she tempts Colonel John Casey with her newly established area built in Castle, a restricted zone barred to anyone not involved in her team. She tells Casey that he will be of much better use in her project than he currently is in Team Bartowski.

Intersect Project[]

Director Bentley arranged a project to utilize the the Intersect. Before the project can begin, she has General Beckman arrange to assign agents undercover at the CIA substation in the Buy More at Burbank, CA. These agents are given the code name "Greta", and are assigned to work at the Buy More.

It is revealed in Chuck Versus the A-Team, that these agents are assigned mainly to be reviewed by both CIA and NCS. Two of these Gretas, Captain Richard Noble (Isaiah Mustafa) and Captain Victoria Dunwoody (Stacy Keibler) are selected for the new Intersect project after being assessed.

The project began as of the episode Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil, when Casey was shown to not have enough time to talk with Chuck and Sarah. In Chuck Versus the A-Team, Casey reveals that he is leading a team consisting of the former Gretas; Rick, and Vicky. Both Agents Noble and Dunwoody became human Intersects, a fact Chuck realized when engaged in hand to hand with Noble and he recognized they were both working off the same program.

When Chuck manages to successfully defuse a bomb by extrapolating Intersect data, something the new agents were incapable of, Bentley's Intersect project is disbanded by General Beckman. Bentley, however, still possesses Orion's Laptop, which was the basis of her project. Despite orders, she decides to continue her project, and gives the laptop to Ellie, who knows more about correcting and perfecting the Intersect than Bentley or the CIA ever did.

In Chuck Versus the Muuurder, she and Chuck face off, and she tells him, "The problem is, I don't respect you." He responds, "Hey, you can resent me all you want. Whether you like it or not, this is my project for a reason." The two continue to butt head throughout the process and the search for the killer in Castle. When he discovers she has been maintaining a surveillance on Ellie and her work on the Intersect laptop, he was uncommonly angry;
Bentley: That is none of your concern.
Chuck: It is absolutely my concern! It's my father's research.
Bentley: It's government property!
Chuck: It's my sister using the computer!
Bentley: It's a matter of national security.
Chuck: National security? You're putting my family in danger!
Bentley: I am protecting my country and saving my project from you!

Eventually, Chuck proves himself, discovers the killer, and saves her from falling on her sword. The NCS Intersect room is completely destroyed, and the entire project is permanently disbanded. Bentley finally admitted, "You're a good spy, Chuck Bartowski. I'm sorry for underestimating you."

After Beckman concludes that Chuck is the only viable Intersect, she has Bentley sent back to Langley after debriefing her. Before leaving, she  gives a piece of genuinely friendly advice to Chuck, suggesting he reconsider his decision about keeping Ellie away from the Intersect, "You know, your sister is incredibly smart. If anybody can figure out the Intersect, it's her. You might want to reconsider keeping her away from her path."


A director of the NCS, Bentley shows an obsession with trying to get to the top, and do things her way, even disobeying General Beckman's direct orders after the latter had dismissed her entire team from the NCS Intersect Project.

In Chuck Versus the Muuurder she rides Chuck for being too friendly, for not being a leader as she thinks he should be, often making snide commentary and keeping Chuck in the dark as to her own actions. Bentley carries a bomb into the NCS Intersect room in an attempt to save the others trapped in Castle, as the room is bomb-proof, saying that it was what a leader should do. Her comments indicate her actions may have had more to do with an ultimate one-up-manship rather than altruism. Chuck, however, saves Bentley by hacking the door, and gets her out just before the bomb goes off. At the end of the episode, Bentley is a convert, and confesses that she had underestimated Chuck, making clear that she can learn from her mistakes.