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Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: India de Beaufort
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Assassin
Appearances: Chuck Versus Agent X

Jasmine is an operative of Volkoff Industries who appears in Chuck Versus Agent X. She is portrayed by India de Beaufort.

Jasmine is assigned by Vivian Volkoff to assist Riley in locating Orion's Laptop which contains the Laptop Intersect. She is first seen inside a covert CIA base, where she distracts the guard and then knock him out. She and Riley then take out a tracking device which is able to track the location of the Laptop.

They track down the Laptop to a campsite where Chuck's bachelor party is being held, Devon accidentally took Ellie's bag on the trip which contained the laptop. Whilst Riley's mercenaries hunt the woods for the campers, Jasmine ties a stoned Jeff to a tree and tries to interrogate him which he mistakes for foreplay. Chuck stealthily enters the camp to save Jeff, and ends up getting into a knife fight with Jasmine who is quite proficient. She flees after Chuck used the laptop as a shield and she stabs it through.

She is seen later in Somerset, England where she, Riley, and his mercenaries have also pinpointed the location of Agent X's house. Her team initiate a gun fight with Casey and Mrs. Winterbottom, whilst Chuck and Sarah look for agent X's spy will.

The Volkoff team, minus Riley, advances on the house and enter, but discover that Mrs. Winterbottom has rigged a grenade and C4. Jasmine realizes she is about to die seconds before Mrs. Winterbottom arms the grenade and blows up the house, killing everyone inside.