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Jim Yeager

Seasons: 2
Portrayed by: Darren Keefe
Status: Hospitalized
Occupation: CIA Operative
Residence: Meadow Branch
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Suburbs

Jim Yeager is a CIA operative, born 6 May 1973 to James and Mary Yeager. He graduated from VMI and joined the CIA. At the time of the episode, he had been missing for over a year and his file flagged, his current assignment unknown but presumed to be a covert domestic assignment.

His last confirmed location was Meadow Branch subdivision in the Valley. When he was found by LAPD, he was raving, his mental health shattered, “salamander” was all he could say.

He was hospitalized in a secure facility, and confined to his bed. General Beckman forwarded his file to Team Bartowski who were tasked with taking over his position in Meadow Branch.