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Chuck Jinsana

Seasons: 4
Portrayed by: Pooja Kumar
Status: Active
Occupation: Civilian
Aliases: none
Relationships: parental set-up (Lester)
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Balcony

Jinsana appears in Chuck Versus the Balcony when she is introduced as the potential 'party of the second part' in an arranged marriage in which the 'party of the first part' is Lester Patel.

Lester is vehemently against the idea of marriage until he meets her, and she turns out to be very attractive, whereupon he tries to impress her by pretending to be ultra-traditional, using the Buy More Home Theater Room, decorating it with traditional 'Hinjew' themed items, and a Canadian flag.

When she believes Lester is much more traditional than she, Jinsana is about to leave, when Lester apologizes and tells her that what she sees is not the real him. She agrees to give him a second chance, finding it cute that he wants to impress her. After returning later in the evening, she expects to go out on a date with Lester to get to know him better. He surprises her, instead, with a Jeffster! performance.

Afterward, she tells Lester that it was the most uncomfortable five minutes of her life, and left, never to return.