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Jonas Zarnow


Seasons: Season One
Portrayed by: John Fleck
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: NSA Scientist
Residence: Unknown
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Helicopter
I'm not giving you the gun! You shot the pilot, you idiot!

Dr. Jonas Zarnow is the specialist brought in by Sarah and Casey to evaluate the secrets from Chuck's brain in Chuck Versus the Helicopter. He is described as the "NSA's top scientist." He is portrayed by John Fleck

Chuck is code named "Patient X" for the test, and is hidden within the theater room at the Buy More. Zarnow is prevented from meeting him, keeping Chuck's identity a secret, "It's important that he doesn't see you. You're too valuable."

Zarnow then transmits several images and then several encoded subliminal image as a test to ascertain that Patient X has the Intersect, and the level of retention. When he expresses surprise and interest in the Intersect being retained by one mind, "Your patient is phenomenal. We never imagined this. One person seeing all the intersect images, all our secrets in one mind. " He is then asked if they can be removed. He replies that he thinks so.

Vs Helicptr 08

When it then appears he is killed by a car bomb, both Casey and Sarah suspect the other has a hand in it. It transpires, however that Zarnow faked his own death and his loyalties lie elsewhere. He kidnaps Sarah with the intention of torturing her to determine the identity of the human Intersect, "We're going to a special facility where they're going to torture you. Really torture, not this child's play. Or you could just tell me who is patient X."

Casey and Chuck pursue him, and Chuck makes his way to Sarah, and is discovered by Zarnow. Unfortunately Chuck has not yet learned to be subtle about flashes, "I know you! I know your secret! You've been feeding American science to North Korea for years!" Zarnow is delighted that the Intersect has dropped into his hands and assures Sarah, he'll take good care of Chuck, "I'm here for the impressive dollar figure the human intersect will fetch. Who will I offer you to first?"

Chuck is then taken aboard a helicopter, but refuses to go quietly. After a struggle, Chuck incapacitates Zarnow and the pilot, and is then forced to land the chopper with Sarah's help.

Zarnow was charged with treason and taken to a secure CIA holding facility.


  • Whilst the term was not employed at this stage in the series, it must be considered at least possible that he is a Fulcrum agent.