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Josh Schwartz (b. 1976) is an executive producer of Chuck with McG, and has written several episodes, including Chuck Versus the Intersect and Chuck Versus the Helicopter. Schwartz is previously known for creating the Fox series The OC. At age 26, he was the youngest person in network history to create a network series and serve as show-runner.


Schwartz was born in 1976 in Providence, Rhode Island to Steve and Honey Schwartz. His parents were both toy inventors at Hasbro, working on the development of toys such as Transformers and My Little Pony, until they went on to start their own company. [1] Schwartz always had ambitions of being a writer since early childhood. [2]

In 1995, Schwartz realized his boyhood dream of attending film school at the University of Southern California to study screen and television writing. He became a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and got to see what it's like "behind the gated communities and big mansions" of Southern California which would later provide fodder for his pilot The O.C. [3]


In 2003, Schwartz created and executive produced The O.C., which was an instant teen favorite when it debuted on FOX in August 2003. The show aired for four seasons.

In 2007, Schwartz created two new TV shows -- Gossip Girl for the CW, and NBC's Chuck.

His longest-running recent project has been as executive producer for Hart of Dixie.

Creating Chuck[]

Schwartz says that the idea for Chuck originally came from co-executive producer Chris Fedak:

"A guy named Chris Fedak, who I went to college with, pitched me the initial concept. I thought there was a real opportunity there for a really funny show, while he was thinking thriller. We started talking back and forth and it evolved from there. We came up with something that’s a fusion of both of our sensibilities -- it's been a really fun collaboration."
Schwartz on how the idea for Chuck came from Fedak (Quote taken from popGurls)



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