Joshua Gomez
Biographical informations
Name Joshua Gomez
Birthplace Bayonne, New Jersey
Birth Date November 20, 1975
Character information
Portrays Morgan Grimes
Season(s) All
Joshua Gomez is an American actor who portrays Morgan Grimes, the life long best friend of Chuck.

Biography Edit

He is the younger brother of the actor Rick Gomez. Rick and Joshua voiced several Final Fantasy games. Joshua's brother has also voiced the video game Call of Duty 2, one of the video games in a series which both Zachary Levi and Joshua enjoy playing. The two met on the television series Chuck, and have been friends since. The two bonded over a liking for video games, the two men are also close friends.

Career Edit

Gomez was a recurring character in the CBS television series Without a Trace as computer savvy, James Mackeroy. He appeared in several commercials such as Wendy's, IBM, and in Garmin. He turned up as a time-traveling savior on Castle.

He voiced the character Baralai in the video game Final Fantasy X-2, Johnny; a minor part in the video game BioShock, and as Parker in video game, Turok.

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