Josie (Karissa Vacker) is a psychological warfare genius whose intuition makes her invaluable in interrogation. She appears in "Chuck Versus the Muuurder" when she is assigned to Castle to be considered for the position of a future Intersect. Casey figured he had to bring in a girl to find someone as 'feely' as Chuck.

She proved to be manipulative and emotional, and when she informed Morgan that his his pop culture questions were pointless and meaningless, and only a man would care who the 'best' James bond was.  Neither Chuck nor Morgan could understand what she was saying. During the murder investigation she tells Sarah that she had been involved with her ex for six years and he left her for being too emotional. Chuck discovered a positive pregnancy test in her bag during a search. Despite not being in the running for being the new Intersect, she did manage to survive the episode.

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