Juan Diego Arnaldo seen in Chuck's flash

Juan Diego Arnaldo (played by Carlos Lacamara), first seen in "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners", is a former Basque terrorist traveling on a train between Paris and Zurich with a group of men. He is identified by first Chuck, via a flash, and then Sarah, who are AWOL aboard the same train after the emotional events of "Chuck Versus the Other Guy".

Sarah and Chuck attempt to find more information about him separately as they both think the other has quit the spy game. This follows both of them breaking into Juan's room, Sarah achieves this by playing drunk, and Chuck by climbing in through the moving train's window. They eventually tell each other about Arnaldo and propose to take him down in one last spy mission. They manage to drug the Interpol agents and capture him with the help of Morgan and Casey, and decide to hand him over to a new set of Interpol agents.

He later counseled Chuck and Sarah not to make the same mistake, and after overhearing them discuss their relationship concerns with Morgan and Casey, helped them realize that they could still be together without sacrificing their careers. As the Interpol team arrives, Morgan casually starts to chat them up about Lake Como, which he studied extensively in his travel guide on the flight to Europe, and realizes they are not from Interpol when one of the agents makes a mistake by identifying an annual boating festival as "palaces" instead. The two are captured by Elia and her team.

Just as the couple were able to get on the train, they are then suddenly cuffed by the Interpol agents they drugged earlier, who presume that they are enemy agents, since the team sent to pick up Arnaldo was killed. Realizing that their friends are in danger and the agents won't listen to reason, they knock them out. But with no time to find the keys, they take a moped to get back to the cafe. They crash the vehicle through the window, before engaging the ETA goons. With the Intersect, Chuck, with swan-like motion with Sarah, are able to combat ETA. Even Casey helps by using Morgan, whom he was tied to, to do a swinging kick at Elia, before she could shoot Chuck and Sarah.

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