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Juan Pablo Turrini

Seasons: Season 4
Portrayed by:
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Advisor
Relationships: Alejandro Goya (advisor)
Hortencia Goya (conspirator)
Residence: Costa Gravas
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat

Comandante Juan Pablo Turrini is the most trusted advisor to Costa Gravan Premier Goya. He is the head of Coasta Gravas secret police. Casey said he ran into him a couple of times in the years when he was trying to kill the Generalissimo. In Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat, he travels to LA unannounced, which is extremely unusual. His purpose, however, was merely to invite Devon and Ellie to Costa Gravas on behalf of Goya, "Cost Gravas calls once more." He arrives with a DVD of the Premier's invitation for them to come to Costa Gravas as his guests, in a gesture to the man who saved his life. Turrini tells the hesitating Devon that "Costa Gravas is very stable, we have peace now...and Subway Sandwich franchises."

At the gala in Devon's honor, however, Hortencia Goya stages a coup and the Premier, accompanied by Turrini, flees to Los Angeles with Chuck, Sarah, Devon, and Ellie. During the debrief and following discussion, Casey eyed Turrini more than once. Finally he told Goya, "I got to be honest. This isn't how I thought it'd end up for you. Well, I wrote a report back in '91 theorizing you'd be taken down by someone else altogether, someone whose politics never moved to the center, as have yours. Someone who could never take his eyes off your wife." At that point Turrini pulled a weapon on them and said Goya would come with him, that he and Hortencia needed his key to the nuclear weapons console. While a standoff ensues between Casey, Turrini, and his soldiers, Goya saves Casey's life by knocking him unconscious, and agreeing to go back to Costa Gravas, as long as no harm comes to Casey. Turrini agrees, and they leave for Costa Gravas.

Once back, however, Goya continuously undermines Hortencia's attempt to tape a threat about her willingness to use nuclear weapons. When he pushes her to losing her temper and grabs her gun, Turrini instantly has him at gunpoint as well. When Chuck and Sarah arrive to mediate, Turrini is stunned when Hortencia thanks Chuck for his understanding of the situation and lowers his weapon, "What is happening? Hortencia, shoot these people!"

When Chuck asks Hortencia if the love is still there for Alejandro, Turrini cracks, and says that he will shoot them. Chuck hits him in the throat and he staggers into Casey who tells Hortencia, "FYI, lady, this guy used to watch you sleep. Trust me, I lived in these walls for two weeks."

When Hortencia and her husband make up, Turrini is crushed, "Corazon, por favor, what about our plans?" She turns away and kisses her husband, Casey twists Turrini's arm.