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Portrayed by: Bianca Chiminello
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Fulcrum Operative
Appearances: Chuck Versus the Break-Up

Juliette appears as a Fulcrum operative in Chuck Versus the Break-Up in search of a microchip in the custody of Von Hayes. She attends his birthday party, at which Sarah, Bryce, and Chuck are on duty as well. Chuck hears her ask Hayes for the chip and flashes on her voice.

When he reports to Casey that he had seen the operative, he describes her as " awful, I mean incredibly creepy. Think psycho elfin queen..." At which point she returns and points a gun at him.

She leaves the Hayes mansion with Chuck at gunpoint, calling him by his cover name, Jorge. Sarah, however, heads them off and fires on Juliette, allowing Chuck to escape. Juliette escapes as well, dropping a grenade behind her that injures Sarah.

She later appears at a train station meeting between Chuck and Von Hayes, and again holds Chuck at gunpoint, much to Chuck's disgust. Casey arrives and shoots her, wounding her, and she is then presumably taken into custody.

Nerd Notes[]

Bianca Chiminello aka Bianca Roe is an Australian actress, who also appeared as an alien agent, Jenavian Charto, in the three part Farscape episode, Look at the Princess, which may be the allusion Chuck was making.