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Karl Sneijder

Seasons: 5
Portrayed by: Jeff Fahey
Status: incarcerated
Occupation: Diamond industry
Relatives: Wesley Sneijder(brother)
Residence: South Africa

Karl Sneijder was a villain who appears in Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit. He presents himself as a legitimate client to Carmichael Industries, asking them to rescue his brother from 'a buyer I may have wronged in the past.' He says his brother never wanted anything to do with his affairs, and admits to having worked in the South African diamond trade, and that his hands weren't clean, but he offers the team $200,000 up front, and an identical amount when Wesley is delivered to him. He shows them Wesley's severed finger to back up his story. When Morgan 'zoomed' on him, files linked him to criminal organizations like the Organizatsiya and Sicilian mafia.

After checking his story, it appeared that his request was legitimate, and the team took the assignment, only to discover that Wesley had locked himself in the armed compound, and hired guards to protect him from Karl. Wesley was in negotiations with the government to testify against Karl, and it was Karl who had taken his finger.

As soon as Morgan neutralized Wesley's guards, Karl's satellite imaging let him know, and he called Chuck to tell him his men were coming to take custody of Wesley. The team took Wesley to safety, and when Karl called them, they told him they had done as asked, saved Wesley. Karl said he paid them to deliver his brother, and that if he didn't have him within four hours he'd come after the team, and that was something they didn't want.

When Morgan went after Karl at his headquarters, thinking the Intersect needed no help, Chuck called for backup and pursued him, knowing he was in over his head. Wesley told them the building was a fortress, and Sarah called Verbanski Corp for backup.

Karl is then captured by Verbanski.

Known Associates[]

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Karl Sneijder may be a contact of Fulcrum , since Brandon Stacy and Galina Bryant are Fulcrum operatives.